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Dungeon of the Month November 2011

I'm going to have a go at posting some mini-dungeons. Nothing massive or spectacular, just something for a couple of hours play. The stats are for Basic/Expert Dungeons and Dragons, though I have used Labyrinth Lord in places.

The Cultist Hideout (for characters levels 2-4)

This hideout is found in the Ironhammer Hills in the northwest of Teiglin, and the cultists have decided to harass and steal from the local villagers. The cultists follow the Chaos god Bhael, which means they are more interested in causing fear and terror than staying hidden. 

  1. Main entrance: 4 hobgoblins (hp 7, 6, 6, 2, as rulebook) + 1 human C2 adept (hp 6, see below)
    This room is empty apart from the hobgoblins and cleric standing guard
  2. Hobgoblin quarters: 4 hobgoblins (hp 9, 5, 4, 4, as rulebook)
    This room has 10 bunks with dirty blankets, and a table with 4 chairs. 
  3. Prison: 2 hobgoblin guards (hp 4, 3, as rulebook), 1 human F2 guard (hp 12, see below), 3 prisoners chained up against the east wall. The human guard has the bunch of keys to unlock them.
    Prisoner #1 is a former cultist who tried to desert, but was caught and is now awaiting punishment (as human F2, hp 5 (normally 8), align Chaotic). He is an unreliable ally at best, and may either abandon or betray any rescuers
    Prisoner #2 is a dwarven blacksmith (dwarf warrior 1, hp 2 (normally 6) align neutral) who has refused to cooperate in making weapons and armour for the cultists. He may cooperate with rescuers but is more interested in escaping
    Prisoner #3 is a 10 year old boy (normal human, hp 2) who the clerics think is a possible recruit. The boy is scared, but thinks that everything other than farmers is "cool", and wants to emulate anyone different from his farming background, including adventurers. He isn't interested in worshipping Bhael, he just thought the cultists were cool. 
  4. Training room: 1 hobgoblin (hp 4), 1 human F2 guard (hp 12, see below), 1 human C2 adept (hp 11, see below).
    The room has two wooden dummies, obviously damaged by practice blows. The room has 2 archery targets on the south wall. On the north are racks with 3 wooden swords, 3 wooden axes, 3 wooden maces, 2 real iron swords, 4 real spears, 2 real maces, and 3 shields. Wooden weapons all do 1d3 damage and half strength bonus (rounded down)
  5. Hobgoblin leader's room: 3 hobgoblins (hp 8, 9, 8, as rulebook) plus Hobgoblin Leader: AC3, Move 90', HD 3+3, hp 13, THAC0 15, Att 1 sword for 1d8+1, Ml 12, Align Chaotic, XP 65
    Equipment: chain mail, sword, shield +1,
    This room is well-appointed, with some looted and out-of-place furniture.  There are also maps of the surrounding countryside showing recent raids, possible future raids and several locations marked with the hobgoblin word for "ally".
    Under a comfortable bed there is a sack with the hobgoblins' treasure: 4200sp, 210gp, 2 gems (amber worth 150gp, zircon worth 100gp) and a golden ring worth 300gp. 
  6. Cultist quarters: 3 human F2 guards (hp 10, 8, 6, see below), 2 human C2 adepts (hp 10, 6, see below)
    This room includes 10 bunks, a table with 5 chairs around it. 
  7. Kitchen: Chef is a human F2 guard (hp  7) wielding a massive cleaver (treat as battleaxe) instead of sword and shield (AC5 not 4).
    This room is smoky and hot, and includes a wood stove and several barrels of raw food. (one with salted beef, one with potatoes and turnips, one with apples and pears, one with beer, at the bottom of which someone has dropped a platinum unholy symbol worth 100gp). 
  8. Priests' quarters: Human C4 (AC 2, Move 60', hp 14, THAC0 16, Att 1 mace for 1d6+2 or by spell, align Chaotic, XP 135)
    Spells: Cure Light Wounds, Darkness, Hold Person
    Equipment: Plate Mail, Shield, Mace +1, Unholy Symbol, 2 vials of unholy water, key to chest
    The priest is the leader of the cult and commands great loyalty from the rest. He has a comfortably furnished room, including a locked chest to which the priest has the key. The chest contains 9,900sp, 1400gp, 4 gems (3 large lapis lazuli worth 60, 50 and70gp and a pearl worth 100gp) and a non-magical golden talisman worth 350gp. On the wall in plain sight is a rather nice oil painting worth 520gp. 
  9. Pool of Darkness: 1 Rock Python (hp 31, as rulebook)
    The pool here is dark and murky and the water is 10' deep. The python will generally lurk just under the surface, and will try to attack anyone who puts a hand or leg into the water (if the python hits with a bite, character needs a Str check or be dragged in). Anyone who is pulled in or jumps in will be attacked, and will have to apply the drowning rules while fighting the python.
    At the bottom of the pool are numerous bones and rusted pieces of armour. There is also a necklace of silver and aquamarine worth 800gp and 138gp and 445sp in coins scattered on the bottom (which will take time and effort to search for and gather). 
  10. Store room: This room has no creatures, just a lot of rope, boxes of blankets, wood, torches, tools  and the like. 
  11. The Shrine: 2 human C2 adepts (hp 7, 7, see below) and 2 human F2 guards (hp 5, 6),
    This room is tall and arched, and is dominated by a pool of water in the middle of which is a statue of Bhael carved in black basalt and standing 10' high and looking ferocious.  The pool is only 3' deep and anyone except halflings can wade across. Any lawful creature touching or attacking the statue will take 1d6 damage (electric shock) and save vs spells or flee in fear for 1d6 turns. Any neutral or chaotic character who touches it must make save vs spells or flee in fear for 1d6 turns. Tantalizingly there is a gold chain around the neck of the statue worth 400gp (but some merchants may refuse to touch it if they know of its history). 
Human C2 Adept: AC 4, HD 2(d6 hp), Move 90', THAC0 18, Att 1 mace, dam 1d6, Ml 9, Al Chaotic, XP 29
Equipment: Chain Mail, Shield, Mace, Unholy Symbol, Black Robes, 3d6 sp each
Spell: Darkness (default - DM may change this - If you use Labyrinth Lord rather than Basic D&D, give the clerics an extra 1st level spell such as Cure Light Wounds)

Human F2 guard: AC 4, HD 2(d8 hp), Move 90', THAC0 18, Att 1 sword, dam 1d8, Ml 9, Al Chaotic, XP 20
Equipment: Chain Mail, Shield, Sword, Black Robes, 3d6 sp each

total XP according to Labyrinth Lord 1094xp
total treasure excluding salvaged equipment, magic items and individual treasure
1180 in room 5
100 in room 7
3,540 in room 8
982 in room 9
400 in room 11
6202 in total

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