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Dungeon of the Month November 2011

I'm going to have a go at posting some mini-dungeons. Nothing massive or spectacular, just something for a couple of hours play. The stats are for Basic/Expert Dungeons and Dragons, though I have used Labyrinth Lord in places.

The Cultist Hideout (for characters levels 2-4)

This hideout is found in the Ironhammer Hills in the northwest of Teiglin, and the cultists have decided to harass and steal from the local villagers. The cultists follow the Chaos god Bhael, which means they are more interested in causing fear and terror than staying hidden. 

  1. Main entrance: 4 hobgoblins (hp 7, 6, 6, 2, as rulebook) + 1 human C2 adept (hp 6, see below)
    This room is empty apart from the hobgoblins and cleric standing guard
  2. Hobgoblin quarters: 4 hobgoblins (hp 9, 5, 4, 4, as rulebook)
    This room has 10 bunks with dirty blankets, and a table with 4 chairs. 
  3. Prison: 2 hobgoblin guards (hp 4, 3, as rulebook), 1 human F2 guard (hp 12, see below), 3 prisoners chained up against the east wall. The human guard has the bunch of keys to unlock them.
    Prisoner #1 is a former cultist who tried to desert, but was caught and is now awaiting punishment (as human F2, hp 5 (normally 8), align Chaotic). He is an unreliable ally at best, and may either abandon or betray any rescuers
    Prisoner #2 is a dwarven blacksmith (dwarf warrior 1, hp 2 (normally 6) align neutral) who has refused to cooperate in making weapons and armour for the cultists. He may cooperate with rescuers but is more interested in escaping
    Prisoner #3 is a 10 year old boy (normal human, hp 2) who the clerics think is a possible recruit. The boy is scared, but thinks that everything other than farmers is "cool", and wants to emulate anyone different from his farming background, including adventurers. He isn't interested in worshipping Bhael, he just thought the cultists were cool. 
  4. Training room: 1 hobgoblin (hp 4), 1 human F2 guard (hp 12, see below), 1 human C2 adept (hp 11, see below).
    The room has two wooden dummies, obviously damaged by practice blows. The room has 2 archery targets on the south wall. On the north are racks with 3 wooden swords, 3 wooden axes, 3 wooden maces, 2 real iron swords, 4 real spears, 2 real maces, and 3 shields. Wooden weapons all do 1d3 damage and half strength bonus (rounded down)
  5. Hobgoblin leader's room: 3 hobgoblins (hp 8, 9, 8, as rulebook) plus Hobgoblin Leader: AC3, Move 90', HD 3+3, hp 13, THAC0 15, Att 1 sword for 1d8+1, Ml 12, Align Chaotic, XP 65
    Equipment: chain mail, sword, shield +1,
    This room is well-appointed, with some looted and out-of-place furniture.  There are also maps of the surrounding countryside showing recent raids, possible future raids and several locations marked with the hobgoblin word for "ally".
    Under a comfortable bed there is a sack with the hobgoblins' treasure: 4200sp, 210gp, 2 gems (amber worth 150gp, zircon worth 100gp) and a golden ring worth 300gp. 
  6. Cultist quarters: 3 human F2 guards (hp 10, 8, 6, see below), 2 human C2 adepts (hp 10, 6, see below)
    This room includes 10 bunks, a table with 5 chairs around it. 
  7. Kitchen: Chef is a human F2 guard (hp  7) wielding a massive cleaver (treat as battleaxe) instead of sword and shield (AC5 not 4).
    This room is smoky and hot, and includes a wood stove and several barrels of raw food. (one with salted beef, one with potatoes and turnips, one with apples and pears, one with beer, at the bottom of which someone has dropped a platinum unholy symbol worth 100gp). 
  8. Priests' quarters: Human C4 (AC 2, Move 60', hp 14, THAC0 16, Att 1 mace for 1d6+2 or by spell, align Chaotic, XP 135)
    Spells: Cure Light Wounds, Darkness, Hold Person
    Equipment: Plate Mail, Shield, Mace +1, Unholy Symbol, 2 vials of unholy water, key to chest
    The priest is the leader of the cult and commands great loyalty from the rest. He has a comfortably furnished room, including a locked chest to which the priest has the key. The chest contains 9,900sp, 1400gp, 4 gems (3 large lapis lazuli worth 60, 50 and70gp and a pearl worth 100gp) and a non-magical golden talisman worth 350gp. On the wall in plain sight is a rather nice oil painting worth 520gp. 
  9. Pool of Darkness: 1 Rock Python (hp 31, as rulebook)
    The pool here is dark and murky and the water is 10' deep. The python will generally lurk just under the surface, and will try to attack anyone who puts a hand or leg into the water (if the python hits with a bite, character needs a Str check or be dragged in). Anyone who is pulled in or jumps in will be attacked, and will have to apply the drowning rules while fighting the python.
    At the bottom of the pool are numerous bones and rusted pieces of armour. There is also a necklace of silver and aquamarine worth 800gp and 138gp and 445sp in coins scattered on the bottom (which will take time and effort to search for and gather). 
  10. Store room: This room has no creatures, just a lot of rope, boxes of blankets, wood, torches, tools  and the like. 
  11. The Shrine: 2 human C2 adepts (hp 7, 7, see below) and 2 human F2 guards (hp 5, 6),
    This room is tall and arched, and is dominated by a pool of water in the middle of which is a statue of Bhael carved in black basalt and standing 10' high and looking ferocious.  The pool is only 3' deep and anyone except halflings can wade across. Any lawful creature touching or attacking the statue will take 1d6 damage (electric shock) and save vs spells or flee in fear for 1d6 turns. Any neutral or chaotic character who touches it must make save vs spells or flee in fear for 1d6 turns. Tantalizingly there is a gold chain around the neck of the statue worth 400gp (but some merchants may refuse to touch it if they know of its history). 
Human C2 Adept: AC 4, HD 2(d6 hp), Move 90', THAC0 18, Att 1 mace, dam 1d6, Ml 9, Al Chaotic, XP 29
Equipment: Chain Mail, Shield, Mace, Unholy Symbol, Black Robes, 3d6 sp each
Spell: Darkness (default - DM may change this - If you use Labyrinth Lord rather than Basic D&D, give the clerics an extra 1st level spell such as Cure Light Wounds)

Human F2 guard: AC 4, HD 2(d8 hp), Move 90', THAC0 18, Att 1 sword, dam 1d8, Ml 9, Al Chaotic, XP 20
Equipment: Chain Mail, Shield, Sword, Black Robes, 3d6 sp each

total XP according to Labyrinth Lord 1094xp
total treasure excluding salvaged equipment, magic items and individual treasure
1180 in room 5
100 in room 7
3,540 in room 8
982 in room 9
400 in room 11
6202 in total

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NPCs of the Derelth Elves

The Derelth elves are found in the Talloak Forest, on the north-eastern edge of the Godsblood Straits. Here are some notable characters that the PCs may encounter during their adventures.

Cartager Swiftclaw
7th level elven ranger, align Neutral, gender male
Str 14, Int 11, Wis 12, Dex 16, Con 10, Cha 12
AC 3, move 120' (180' when mounted),  hp 22, THAC0 14 (sword) or 12 (bow), Att 1 sword for 1d8+2 or 1 arrow for 1d6+2
Equipment: Leather Armour, Longsword +1, longbow +1, quiver & 20 arrows, 2 potions of healing, ring of protection +2
Cartager is the leader of a band of elven scouts who ride around the forest on trained Axebeaks. He is wary of humans, dwarves and halflings, and will often ask that they leave the forest. His primary enemy are chaotic humanoids in the forest, particularly gnolls, hobgoblins and orcs. Cartager enjoys tracking and hunting prey, and anyone else who can either match him in tracking or show hunting skill may impress him enough to give them a fair hearing. 
Appearance: Cartager is 5'2" and athletic in stature, with pale skin, green eyes and blonde hair which he keeps trimmed to shoulder length. He normally wears his leather armour as he always expects trouble. 

Garillia the Ancient
10th level elven spellsword, align Neutral, gender female
Str 8, Int 17, Wis 16, Dex 10, Con 7, Cha 11
Ac 9, Move 90', hp 27 THAC0 13, Att 1 spell or 1 sword for 1d8+1 or by magic item
Equipment: Robes, wand of fireballs, spellbook, longsword +2
Garillia is a very old elf who remembers the worst excesses of the Toutus Empire, and she avoids contact with all humans. She advises other elves to do the same, and many listen to her. However, she is also the most knowledgeable about the elves ruins dotted around the forest, as she lived among them when they were still active. Garillia can be quite bad-tempered when other elves ignore her, and she is somewhat resentful that she is not consulted more often on matters of leadership and politics. 
Appearance: Garillia is silver-haired and although elves do not age the same way as humans, she looks old in a different way. Garillia stands 5'0" and still moves with the grace of an elf, but more slowly than in her youth. She wears the pale green robes traditionally worn by elven elders. 

Epsillia Barraeni
6th level elven ranger, align Unaligned, gender female
Str 10, Int 14, Wis 12, Dex 16, Con 11, Cha 16
AC 4, Move 120', hp 22, THAC0 16 with sword 14 with bow, Att 1 sword for 1d8+1 or 1 arrow for 1d6+3
Equipment: Leather Armour +1, Longbow, Sword +1, Quiver & 20 arrows +1, Boots of Elvenkind, Bag of Holding
Epsillia is a merchant-trader who wanders around trading among the various elf bands and also outside. She is sometimes seen in Rhondus Fort, Mesabridge and Copperring Clan, and even with the Siluri barbarians. She is a useful channel of communication or a way of being introduced to her customers, but is not averse to cheating and swindling dwarves and humans if she can get away with it. Epsillia is flirtatious and not above using her charms to get what she wants (usually a better profit margin). 
Appearance: Epsillia is an attractive elf-maiden, with auburn hair down to her waist, a cute face and a body to match. At 5'0" she is about average height, and slim build. She usually wears her leather armour when travelling or if dealing with non-elven customers. When in a safe place (such as elven settlements) she wears a more relaxed green and white flowing robe (which she knows is eye-catching). 

Tyrron the War-Mage
8th level elven spellsword, align Neutral, gender male
Str 14, Int 16, Wis 16, Dex 10, Con 10, Cha 14
AC 0, Move 90', hp 24 THAC0 11 with spear, Att 1 spear for 1d6+3 or by magic item or spell
Equipment: Chain mail +2, Shield +2, Spear +2 +4 vs goblinoids, Wand of Lightning Bolts, Wand of Illusion
Tyrron is a wandering military commander who has turned mercenary. He has been kicked out of his home clan but not out of the Derleth Elves or Talloak Forest as a whole. As a mercenary, he has occasionally fought along side humans and dwarves, and is not as prejudiced as some elves around other races. He is an excellent strategist and leader who specializes in battling tribes of chaotic humanoids. Tyrron has mixed views on adventurers, having met a variety of adventuring parties. He knows they can be useful, heroic and powerful forces against Chaos, but he also knows they can be cynical, opportunistic criminals. As such, he will always be cautious around adventurers even if they try to win his trust. 
Appearance: Tyrron is quite burly for an elf - almost human in stature, at 5'6" and 150lb. Tyrron has dark blonde hair that he keeps at shoulder length and in a pony tail. Unlike most elves, Tyrron has a moustache (well-groomed, like Errol Flynn's) which has raised questions of humans in his ancestry. As a military commander, he keeps his armour well-polished and his town clothes laundered and ironed. To stand out, his helm (part of his chain mail) has a crest of white axebeak feathers. 

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The Death Knights of Narvellis

(note - this is loosely based on the Death Knight from the 1st Ed D&D fiend folio with a bit of inspiration from Lord Soth - this is not connected with WoW Hero class). 

Name         Death Knight
No. Enc.     1d3 (rarely more)
Alignment    Chaotic        
Movement     90'            
Armor Class  3 or better  
Hit Dice     9** to 20** (40hp or more)
Attack       2 weapons
THAC0        as fighter -3
Damage       by weapon +3/by weapon +3
Save As      F9+
Hoard Class  XX
Size         Medium 
Type         Undead
Intelligence 14 (high)     
XP           2400xp (9th level) or more

Death knights of Kaelaross are undead beings that were formerly powerful fighters (level 9 or higher) that fell from grace. The stories of who each death knight was and how they ended up in this state of damnation are unique to each one. 
Death Knights are equipped with the best weapons and armour they can find, often the same ones they had when they became undead. A typical death knight will have Plate Mail +2 (giving AC 1) and a 2 handed sword +2 (1d10+2 damage), and may have other magic items that a fighter would find useful, except for healing magic (which is useless for the undead). Regardless of their physical strength during their lifetimes, death knights have 18 strength, giving them +3 to hit (or -3 to THAC0) and +3 to damage. Their exceptional skill and undeathly vigour gives them 2 attacks per round. 
Death Knights can command or rebuke lesser undead as a cleric of the same level, and can also cast the following spell-like powers: Cloudkill 1/day, Dispel Magic 1/day, Detect Magic at will, Detect Law (reverse of Detect Chaos) at will, Cause Fear by gaze attack (range 60', 1 opponent per round, save vs spells or flee for 1d6 turns) at will. Death Knights are immune to normal and silver weapons, and opponents need magic weapons (+1 or better) to damage them. As undead, Death Knights are immune to poison (including their own cloudkill spells), sleep, charm and hold spells and death magic. 

The Baron of Narvellis and his followers are the most notorious death knights still existing on Toutus (but according to rumour not the only ones). Before the Summoning they were Knight Protectors of Toutus, part of a noble order of knights, but already the baron and his closest henchmen had been subverted by Chaos cultists worshipping the death goddess Storshin. When this heresy was uncovered during the Wars between the Empires, the Baron and his knights were visited by the deputy commander of the order and given an ultimatum to repent or be expelled. The baron challenged the deputy commander to a duel of honour, and when the deputy commander refused on the grounds that it was not a matter of honour but fact, the baron and several of his aides slew him. At this point 14 out of his 30 knights realised they were in real trouble and fled - some became wandering knights, others returned penitently to the Order of the Knight Protectors. The other 16 had thrown their lot in with the Baron of Narvellis. The wars were raging, and the Order was in no position to retaliate, though it knew of his treachery. 
When the Summoning came, the avatar of Bhael travelled over the face of Kaelaross, inflicting woes, destruction and chaos portals wherever he went. When he appeared over Narvellis, he decided that the Baron and his damned followers were too useful to destroy on a whim - instead he transformed them all into death knights - bolts of black lightning shot from his hands and the flesh of the knights was blackened and charred, but they still stood. The man-servants and maids in the castle were turned into ghouls, and the men-at-arms into wights. He then instructed the now-undead knights that they were the champions of chaos, and that they were to cause pain and suffering to all who opposed the forces of chaos. 
The Baron is still in the process of turning Narvellis Island into a realm of the Undead, with his stronghold in Darvis Keep. From his port in Karlovon (north coast of the island) he sends forth ghost ships of undead pirates known as the Drowners of Sorrow who often ply the Walrus Channel, harrying the living and bringing back corpses for animation. He will sometimes allow living chaos cultists sanctuary on his land (particularly if they offer to create more undead followers for him), but he is a fickle and demanding ally, who can easily turn into a terrible and vicious enemy. 

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Weird and Rare Books of Toutus

These books are all difficult to find, and though most are not magical, they all contain knowledge that adventurers could put to use.

The Histories of the Ancients
This is a scholarly work written in BY 1322 about the pre-Imperial cultures found on the continent of Toutus. Chapters include the Lengkar Theocracy, the shortlived Republic of Jaroketh, demihuman clans and cultures and even one on large and stable non-human societes such as as the Turrokoth Despotship of hobgoblins. The work, although highly praised at the time, is not entirely accurate, and is a mixture of sensible academic study, plagiarism from other works and artistic license. Nonetheless, it does point to a number of specific ancient ruins dotted around the continent that are far older than the more recently destroyed cities from the wars and the Summoning, and suggests where further ruins might lie undiscovered.

The Abominable Cults of Chaos Worshippers
Commissioned 50 years before the start of the Wars between the Empires (BY 1511) this is a guide for lawful clerics and righteous investigators to detect, track down and destroy chaos cultists, especially those lurking within civilised society. It gives a reasonably accurate description of different cults including their aims, activities, recruitment and how they try to remain hidden. A lot of what is written here is still true 100 years later, and adventurer reading this may gain valuable clues and insights when dealing with Chaos cults.

Travels Under a Blood Red Sky
This book is banned by some lawful folk, while others advise great caution in reading it. Written by the mad archmage Androsomus, it describes his travels around the Planes of Chaos, including Hestoris, Urdonor and Aegothis. The book gives advice on surviving these malevolent realms and also includes some magic-user spells for travelling to these planes.
More controversially it talks extensively about demons, both as adversaries and as potentially useful creatures. It describes Androsomus' attempts to command and control demons while on the Planes of Chaos and on the Material plane.

The Papyri of Zoth
These bundles of ancient crumbling sheets are unique, and are believed to be in the hands of a private collector who fled the capital with her collection during the Summoning. These papyri are at least 2000 years old themselves, but they speak of a great and terrible civilization called Zoth from way before the rise of the Empires of Toutus, Bellenos or Bursia. The exact location of Zoth is not certain, but it seems that they gave rise to the Cynideans (the remains of whom are found dotted around the Tekhumis region) and the Lengkar Theocracy (in eastern Toutus, mentioned in other books) and possibly even the Telthus Empire. This would be dry academic theory, were it not for the descriptions of some of the spells inscribed on the walls of the ruins of Zoth. The Papyri do not contain the spells themselves, but talk of mages of Zoth wielding incredible powers. Any wizard would give his right arm and all his treasure just to know where these spells are engraved.

Magic Weapons I Have Known and Loved by Snorrvord the Elder
Written in the dwarven language and in dwarven runes, this book is a catalogue of nearly a hundred weapons of different enchantments and potencies that the blacksmith-cleric Snorrvord the Elder had either personally made or had come across during his travels (which spanned 300 years). Although originally from the Confederacy of the Ten Peaks, Snorrvord visited dozens of dwarven settlements and strongholds around Toutus. He often wrote about the methods and techniques of weaponmaking and blacksmithing, including case-studies of particular weapons. Also included are the weapons' initial owners, and where they might have been or where the weapons ended up around the book's completion (BY1456).

The Noble Families of Toutus
Genealogy is of little interest to adventurers, but to those who believe they are of noble descent this book is considered the definitive reference to who is entitled to which seats of power. The book also talks about heraldry and coats of arms, etiquette and protocol, as well as brief biographies of great or infamous Toutatian nobles. Only five copies of this book were produced by the office of the Imperial Herald  BY1551, just as the Wars between the Empires were getting serious, and it was intended to be used by the Herald to help him sort out claims and counterclaims after the war. Even though the Toutus Empire has collapsed, some surviving nobles or would-be nobles are desperate to prove their claims are true - and a few seek to hide or destroy the book that would show them to be usurpers or frauds.

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The Students of Gerontium

The Students of Gerontium are a band of mages who have stayed behind in the ruins of Maquosmouth. There are 20 students and associates in total, and these six are the most prominent members. 

12th level magic-user, align Lawful, gender male
Str 9, Int 16, Wis 15, Dex 11, Con 13, Cha 15
AC 5, Move 120', HP 32, THAC0 14, Att 1 dagger for 1d4+2, or spell or magic item 
Equipment: Wand of the Acid Arrow (22 charges), Robe of Protection +2, Ring of Protection +2, Ring of Levitation, dagger +2, 2x potion of extra-healing
Tessremeth is the leader of the Students of Gerontium. He is aware of the difficulties of closing the Chaos Portal on the northern side of the city, but believes there must somehow be a way. He will look for the answers anywhere he can, as he believes it is necessary to save Kaelaross from the forces of Chaos. 
Appearance: Tessremeth is slim (130lb), middle-aged, with iron grey hair and moustache, and handsome features. He is usually wrapped in his deep red robe of protection. 

11th level magic-user, align Lawful, gender female
Str 7, Int 17, Wis 12, Dex 10, Con 10, Cha 12
AC 7, Move 120', HP 23, THAC0 16, Att 1 dagger for 1d4(+1 vs humanoids) or spell or magic item
Equipment: Robe of Protection +2, Dagger +1 +2 vs humanoids, Wand of Acid Arrows (12 charges), 3 x potions of extra healing, Ring of Spider Climbing
Takeshirra is the quartermaster of the mages, and will act as second-in-command. She is always on the lookout for food, fresh drink, clothes, spell components and magic items to carry on the fight. Whereas Tessremeth looks for the long-term solution, Takeshirra has taken it upon herself to maintain the status quo for the time being.
Appearance: Takeshirra is tall (6'2") for a woman, with long black hair and a stern, no-nonsense face with a hooked nose and dark eyebrows. She dresses demurely in straight black robes that make her look like a school headmistress. 

Dallam the Devout
10th level cleric (of Khazep), align Neutral, gender male
Str 14, Int 12, Wis 16, Dex 10, Con 14, Cha 11
AC 0, Move 60', hp 44, THAC0 14, Att 1 mace for 1d6+2 or spell
Equipment: Plate Mail +2, Mace +1 +2 vs Undead, Silver Holy Symbol, Shield, Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals, 
Dallam is the medic, chaplain and one of the few non-mages in the band. While the mages look after and repair the golems and animated servants, Dallam looks after the mages. While mages understand magic and golems, Dallam understands humans, especially mages.
Appearance: Dallam is 5'5" tall, portly and about 240lb, a "friar Tuck in plate armour" with a bushy ginger moustach and short ginger hair receding at the top. 

Zesck of Aerisport
14th level magic user, align Neutral, gender male
Str 8, Int 17, Wis 11, Dex 13, Con 10, Cha 7
AC 5, Move 90', hp 21, THAC0 14, Att 1 dagger for 1d4 or spell or magic item
Equipment: Staff of Power, Robe of Protection +2, Ring of Protection +1, Displacer Cloak, Dagger +1, Silver Dagger,  
Although perhaps the most magically powerful of mages, Zesck has openly admitted he is not suited to leadership and grand strategy. He is a competent battle leader, and will lead raids or temporarily command the defences of the mages enclave when needed. It is known that he lost family who died in Aerisport during the Summoning. 
Appearance: Zesck is getting old - at 65 he has light-grey hair, a wrinkled face and moves slowly due to aching joints. He has declined to grow a long white beard - he considers that too clich├ęd. Zesck weighs 140lb and stands 5'9" tall. 

Colleridge the Awesome
9th level magic user, align Lawful, gender female
Str 14, Int 15, Wis 7, Dex 10, Con 13, Cha 16
AC 4, hp 28, THAC0 15, Att 1 staff for 1d6+2 or spell or magic item
Equipment: Staff of Power, Bracers of armour AC5, Cloak of Protection +1, Ring of Regeneration
Cocky and swinging between brilliant and foolhardy. Most of the other mages reckon Colleridge is going to get herself killed one day, but until then she will keep proving to herself and the other mages that she is the brightest and most gifted mage among the students.
Appearance: Colleridge is the most physically attractive of the mages, with shoulder-length blonde hair, silver-grey eyes, 110lb and 5'7" tall. She is 34 years old and does not go for long flowing robes, but prefers blouse, breeches, boots, waistcoat and her magical bracers, so some won't recognise her as a mage.

Aessain Silvereye
11th level magic user, align Unaligned, gender male
Str 8, Int 18, Wis 15, Dex 10, Con 11, Cha 7
AC 7, Move 120', hp 24, THAC0 16 Att 1 spell or magic item
Equipment: Bracers of Armour AC 7, Wand of Lightning Bolts (20 charges), 2x potions of extra healing
Aessain is the least-combatative among the students. Some say he is a coward who ought to be kicked out back to Sterin Barony where he came from. His big strength is his talent and innate understanding of animated constructs, especially golems. He is responsible for some of the unique spells that the Students of Gerontium use to maintain their constructs, and his nickname is GG ("Golem-Geek")
Appearance: At 30 years old, Aessain is very young for a mage of his power, so he tries to look the part with a splendid ostentatious robe with stars, planets and crescent moons embroidered on it. He was going to wear a matching conical hat, but Colleridge told him it looked silly. Physically he is 5'6", 120lb and has black frizzy hair that sticks out in all directions. He has a pair of black-rimmed spectacles that help him read, but don't help him look dangerous. 

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Map and Overview of the Varreshiss Islands

The Varreshiss Islands are a small archipelago of islands off the coast of western Toutus, southwest of the Walrus Freehold and north of Teiglin. The climate is subarctic, wet, dull and misty. It freezes in winter, but in summer it rarely gets properly warm, just slightly less cold.
During the Toutus Empire this was the Duchy of Varreshiss, with each large island being a barony. Politically the Duchy has ceased to exist since the Wars between the Empires, but culturally the islanders remember their common membership of the Duchy.

The Baron of Narvellis had been subverted and seduced by the powers of Chaos, particularly Storshin. He had been a Commander among the knights-protector of Toutus and had a contingent of 30 knights. When he fell from grace and his true allegiances were known, the Order kicked him out. Half his knights left him and the other half joined his descent into Chaos. When the Summoning came, Bhael briefly appeared over Narvellis island. Instead of creating a Chaos portal, he turned the Baron into a death knight along with his loyal knights.

Klantorr Island
Klantorr island is now a strict theocracy, with an archbishop rather than a baron or duke ruling. The capital, Charventown, is dominated both physically and socially by the towering cathedral of Rhondus, and clerics of Rhondus act in place of nobility, particularly with regards to justice, crime, the military and social policy. The current laws are stricter than normal (such as Teiglin or Walrus Freehold) but tolerable particularly as the clerics use the threat of Chaos invasion or cultists such as in Narvellis to cow the population - "Adhering to the laws of Rhondus is the best, nay, the ONLY defence against the foul damnation of Chaos!" Previously during the days of the Empires, the Baron of Klantorr was a secular nobleman. In the years leading up to the Summoning a series of three politically astute bishops drew more political power from weak barons in the name of delegation and spiritual guidance. When the Summoning came, the clerics simply took over in the name of emergency contingencies but when five years later they dismissed the baron telling him he was no longer needed, the situation was clarified.

Werberin island
Werberin Barony had been the seat of power of the dukes of Varreshiss, particularly the grand castle of Westlier Keep, with the Senechal of Werberin looking after the day-to-day administration from Cornaxville. It was not Bhael and his Summoning that threw Werberin into turmoil but invaders from Bursia across the ocean during the Wars between the Empires. They launched a surprise attack and cornered and killed the Duke, the Senechal and a hit list of top Varreshiss nobility on Werberin with a combination of stealthy assassins and powerful wizards, followed by a conventional invasion force of Bursian Legionaries.
The assassins succeeded but the invasion did not. The Bursians were thrown back to their ships, but only after causing heavy damage and looting to the towns of Hastlin, Cornaxville, and Endorell, and killing half the soldiers of Werberin. After the Bursians left, Werberin collapsed into anarchy without any clear rulers.
These days Werberin has settled into something in between a federation of the settlements and a less violent anarchy. It is rough, mostly lawless but stable. The towns are filled with ne'er-d0-wells, pirates, roguish merchants and exiles from more lawful realms (especially Klantorr with its repressive morality).

Ryolis Island - Set aside as a game reserve. Plenty of wildlife and some monsters including a pride of manticores and a breeding pair of Chimeras. A hunting lodge for nobility is abandoned but could be reclaimed as a base for adventurers.

Skylock Island - Desolate, windswept and mostly ignored. Several villages (unmarked on the map) of human and halfling shepherds and goatherds who claim nominal loyalty to the clerics of Klantorr but prefer to be left alone.

Serridor Island - The only island with a significant number of elves. Before the Summoning the elves paid nominal fealty to the Duke in Westlier Keep. These days the Theocracy of Klantorr want the elves to recognise the clerics' authority. The elves are having none of it.