Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Welcome to my new blog

After a break from blogging about Dungeons and Dragons, I have decided to give it another go.
I intend to write about classic D&D and in particular a world I am creating for it, the world of Kaelaross.
There have been dozens of worlds and campaign settings for both Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons, but comparatively few for Classic D&D - the most important setting being Mystara, and that has now been abandoned by publishers. Even its most important fansite, the Vaults of Pandius (pandius.com) has gone quiet.

I believe this is a shame, because the resurgent interest in Classic D&D through the retroclone Labyrinth Lord would be helped by a common shared campaign setting. Thus I present to you my own setting - the World of Kaelaross.

A word of caution - I may not necessarily put out information in a particularly logical order. This is a creative work, which would probably benefit from a bit of editing.

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