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Optional NPC Class: the Goblin Warrior

These two classes are not intended for players but as NPCs, particularly villains  and enemy leaders. The progression starts with the basic goblin from the Basic D&D but deviates from the goblin kings and bodyguards described in the same entry.

Goblin Warrior

Level  HD     THAC0    Notes

1      1d8-1   20      As basic goblin from Basic D&D/LL
2      2d8-1   19      Set Spear vs Charge & use lance
3      3d8-2   18      Junior Commander
4      4d8-2   17      Inspire Courage
5      5d8-3   16      2-Weapon Fighting
6      6d8-3   15      Middle Commander
7      7d8-4   14      Monstrous Mount
8      8d8-4   13      Inspire Zeal
9      9d8-5   12      Senior Commander
10     9d8-3   11      Two-Weapon Mastery

Set Spear versus Charge and Use Lance are the same as for human fighters. 

Junior Commander - a goblin warrior of level 3 or higher can reliably command up to 5 1st level goblin warriors or ordinary goblins per level of the commander.

Inspire Courage - Allies within 30' get +2 to morale checks and saves vs fear.

2-weapon Fighting - The goblin warrior can use 2 one-handed weapons, at -2 to hit penalty for both. 

Middle Commander -  The goblin warrior can reliably command 1 junior commander per level. 

Monstrous Mount - The warrior can tame and ride a monster larger than himself, which must have HD equal to or lower than the warrrior and be suitable for riding. Dire wolves are a well-known favourite, but  more powerful goblins  have been known to ride manticores, wyverns and griffons.

Inspire Zeal - Allies within 30' get +2 to hit and damage and +4 to morale and saves vs fear, usable 1 encounter per day. 

Senior Commander - reliably command 1 middle commander per two levels. 

Two-Weapon Mastery - As per two-weapon fighting, but the goblin warrior suffers no penalty to hit. 

Saving throws - As per human fighters

Armour and Weapons - any, including shield. However, goblins cannot use oversized weapons, and suffer the same restrictions as dwarves (no polearms, longbows or two-handed swords)

As with any NPC, common sense and context should be used when equipping goblin warrior NPCs. An 8th level commander of a clan than has raided several large towns and defeated a human regiment will probably have plate mail armour and maybe magic weapons, whereas a 1st level warrior from barren hills will be lucky to have a club and leather armour.  Underground goblin tribes will use arthropod chitin for armour (treat as scale mail) while those in cold climates will use lots of animal skins. (leather armour).  When scavenging armour, goblins can usually fit into either dwarf-sized armour or halfling-sized armour. However, they often make their own adjustments to make oversized armour fit.

The leather armour and shield (AC 6) and hand-axe (1d6 damage) used by normal goblins is a good starting point for 1st level goblin warriors.

As goblins, goblin warriors get 60' infravision and 90' base movement. 
Goblin warriors suffer -1 to hit in sunlight. 

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