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Towns and Baronies of Teiglin - Stelmit and Tredgor

See the map of Teiglin for the context of this post

Stelmit Barony is unusual in that there are more dwarves than humans (11,000 inhabitants, of which 8500 are dwarves and 2000 humans). The barony is mostly covered by the Voina Hills, with only the southern edge and the Wirrian valley being flat. Most humans are found around the Wirrian Riiver or the coast and help the dwarves with exporting minerals and importing food.

Stelmit Town (pop 5000) is mostly above ground but is built on top of a network of mines. A number of dwarves have chosen to live underground in the mines though within easy reach of the shops and market above. The Stelmit Market is renowned for the high quality arms and armour on sale, and this attracts merchants, soldiers, knights and adventurers from across Teiglin.

Oldship (pop 550) is a fishing village and modest trading port on the north coast. It has recently suffered a number of raids from pirates, so the villagers are building defences as well as looking for volunteers to help against further attacks.

The Voina Hills are rich in minerals of all sorts, with iron and copper being the most common. Before the rise of the Toutus Empire the Voina hills were populated by orcs ruled by a powerful and mysterious mastermind. Ruins of orcish strongholds can still be found in the hills. Although there are no known orcs in the hills above ground, every now and then an underground pocket of them are discovered by mining dwarves.

Tredgor Barony is considered to be rural and quite backward. It does not have the large populations or economic drive of other baronies, but its folk are known to be tough and practical, and Tredgor Barony has produced good soldiers and successful adventurers. Tredgor Barony has a population of 16,000, of whom 1600 are elves, 1600 are dwarves and 1000 halflings - the rest are humans.

Tredgor Town (population 5100) is a fishing and trading port on the mouth of Mussel Bay – some consider it to be the only noteworthy place in the Barony. Some traders and adventurers use it as the starting point for voyages north up the coast of Toutus. Until recently there had been an infestation of wererats and giant rats, but these are believed to have been eradicated.

The Ironhammer Hills are home to scattered dwarven and human mining settlements. There are also reports of chaotic clerics teaming up with kobolds to attack the mines and settlements. There have certainly been zombies and skeletons wandering the Ironhammer Hills, and kobolds countermining and attacking dwarf miners but there is no proof yet that the two are connected.

Werden Marsh is home to a volatile family of lizardmen who occasionally attack those who enter their territory, but sometimes leave travelers alone. There are also plenty of giant lizards, giant toads and snakes in the marsh. However, brave wanderers have brought back rare herbs and flowers from the swamp, so alchemists, healers and chefs are all willing to pay for adventurers to go into the swamp to find these rare ingredients.

The Quasland Woods are an area of tension and conflict between humans and elves, as the timber is much needed for building and fuel but the elves hate to see their beloved forest being destroyed by uncaring humans. The Quasland woods include a number of bands of pixies and sprites, and these have joined the elves in harassing the wood-cutting humans in non-violent ways - turning their axeheads from steel into cheese, causing the wheels of their carts to fall off, spooking the mules that carry the timber and changing the beer the woodcutters carry into neat liquor, causing much drunkeness.

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