Monday, 3 October 2011

New Spells for Lawful Clerics

Detect Chaos
Duration: 1 turn
Range: 120'
This spell functions in a way similar to Detect Evil, except that the cleric senses creatures with Chaotic alignments, whether they are doing chaotic actions or thinking chaotic thoughts or not. Note that any creature aware that it may be the target of this spell is allowed a save vs spells - success means the cleric does not get any answer.
Any magic item that is specifically chaotic such as Chaos Portals or weapons dedicated to chaotic deities will also give off an aura of Chaos. Only the casting cleric directly detects the chaotic aura - it is not obvious to bystanders.

Level: 3
Duration: Permanent
Range: touch
This spell allows healing - at a price. The spell effectively transfers hit points from one person to another. The cleric cannot be the recipient though he may be the donor. The cleric can transfer up to 3hp per level, either from himself or from another donor (whom he is touching) through himself to the recipient. The donor may recover the lost hit points normally (resting, magical healing etc). The recipient is healed by the in-flowing hit points, but cannot exceed his maximum hp.

Cure Insanity
Level: 4
Range: Touch
This spell cures a range of mental afflictions, but not magical enchantments or charms. If a spell or magical effect talks about causing insanity or madness, this spell can counteract or cure it, though the more powerful the insanity, the longer the convalescence (time needed to rest before the character is fully functional again). Cure Insanity is effective against the insanity of a badly-cast Contact Outer Plane (convalescence 1 day), and also removes Feeblemind spells (convalescence 1 day) and the indigo effect of a Prismatic Sphere (convalescence 1d6+1 days) and Symbol of Insanity (convalescence 2d6+2 days). As an interesting side-effect, this spell allows anyone under the influence of a helm of alignment reversal to save vs spells and remove the helmet if successful.

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