Friday, 14 October 2011

Spells for the care and maintainance of Golems

These four spells are used by the mages of Maquosmouth to keep their golems and animated statues functioning despite ongoing conflict with creatures of chaos emerging from the Chaos Portal in the same city.

Mend Animated Statue
3rd level magic-user/elf spell
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
This spell repairs 1d6 damage per casting on an animated statue. The caster must be in contact with the animated statue, so it is usually cast outside combat. Animated statues, being constructs, do not benefit from clerical healing that would affect living creatures.

Animate Construct
4th level magic-user/elf spell
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
This spell is the animating spark that completes the process of creating golems, animated statues and other constructs. This spell does not create the creature's body out of thin air - the caster or craftsmen on his behalf, must have built the constructs body to a required standard, taking time and money (the exact details are left to the DM, but should be reasonably challenging for PCs).

Caster's level  Type
7th             Wax animated statue
8th             Crystal animated statue,
9th             Wood Golem, Terracotta Animated Statue
10th            Iron Animated Statue,
11th            Stone Animated Statue
13th            Bone Golem
15th            Amber Golem
20th            Bronze Golem
24th            Drolem

Once animated, the construct will follow its creators instructions, usually direct command, or via the Instruct Construct spell above.

Enhance Construct
4th level magic-user/elf spell
Range: 60'
Duration: 1 turn or 1 encounter
This spell gives a construct magical bonuses for its duration, giving it +2 to hit and +2 to damage with each hit. It also reduces all direct spell damage on the golem (such as from fireballs, walls of fire, magic missiles etc.) by 1 per dice of damage.

Instruct Construct
5th level magic-user/elf spell
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 day
This spell allows the caster to give a series of instructions, which may include direct commands, or exceptions or additions to those commands. There may be one instruction per level of the casting mage, and only one of these spells may affect a construct at any one time. A second casting with more instructions will "overwrite" the previous casting. A mage casting this spell needs to write down the instructions (if a player character is casting the spell, this list should be given to the DM). Such a list of instructions might be like
1) Every hour, walk around the stronghold perimeter.
2) Attack any non-humanoid non-animal non-construct creature you encounter.
3) Bring humanoid creatures to the caster of this spell.
4) If the humanoid creature will not go along peacefully, attack it until it complies or it is dead.
5) If an animal or construct attacks you, defend yourself, otherwise leave it alone.
A mage needs to assume the construct is not good at terms that require discretion or judgement such as "enemy", and do not recognise alignment, levels or hit dice. Constructs are capable of distinguishing between species, genders and races, but usually only recognise individuals if they are the constructs' creator or the caster of this spell. Constructs are not particularly clever, and will follow instructions as written with almost no discretion. The construct's creator can halt or override these instructions with his own direct commands. DMs are allowed to decide how a construct will interpret these instructions, and also if a single instruction is too long or complicated and should be split up into two smaller ones.

Mend Golem
5th level magic-user/elf spell
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
This spell repairs  2d6 damage on a golem per casting, magically mending any damage. The caster must be in contact with the golem. Golems are not living creatures, and so neither heal naturally nor gain from clerical healing spells.

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