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NPCs of Walrus City 3 - the Innkeepers

The inns and taverns mentioned here are marked on the map of Walrus City

Darreth Stonefire
10th level dwarf warrior, align Unaligned, male
Str 16, Int 10, Wis 12, Dex 9, Con 16, Cha 12
AC 3, Move 60', HP 56, THAC0 9 melee or 12 thrown, Dam 1d8+3 or 1d6+2
Equipment: Chain mail +2, Battleaxe +1 +3 vs giants, trolls & ogres, 3 throwing axes
Darreth is a retired adventurer and mercenary who has bought an inn called The Trollhunter Arms, and settled down in Walrus City. He is not very trustworthy and he knows some shady characters. Get on his wrong side and you might be pick-pocketed, burgled or drugged. The city watch know that Darreth is not exactly a law-abiding citizen, but they have yet to catch him acting in a criminal manner - whenever something bad happens to those who have been in his inn, he claims it is merely unfortunate coincidence. 
Darreth still has the dwarven weakness for gold, and although he does not like to get his hands dirty, he will tip off allied thieves about wealthy customers in exchange for a cut. 
Appearance: Darreth is 4'4" (tall for a dwarf), weighs 140lb and has iron-grey beard and hair, both of which are kept quite short. He has a notable scar across the left forehead and temple. He usually wears a normal innkeeper's apron over town clothes unless he is expecting trouble, but he always has his battleaxe stashed behind the bar if customers get out of hand.  

Melduvia Zalnin
4th level thief, align Neutral, female
Str 11, Int 11, Wis 9, Dex 16, Con 13, Cha 13
AC 3, Move 120', HP 16, THAC0 18 melee, 15 missile, Dam 1d6 (mace) or 1d6+1 (crossbow)
Equipment: Leather Armour, Ring of Protection +2, Light Crossbow +1, 20 bolts, mace, thieves tools, potion of healing
Melduvia is a former criminal trying to go straight She owns and runs the Old Owl inn which she wants to keep as a respectable establishment, but old associates still involved in crime keep turning up. Melduvia still knows quite a bit about the seedy underbelly of Walrus City, but she is reluctant to talk about it to anyone as she does not want to get involved again. Melduvia is thinking of moving to either Najask or Trislem for a fresh start. 
Appearance: Melduvia is 45, 5'6", 110lb and still quite attractive. She wears smart town clothes wherever she goes and could be mistaken for a nobleman's wife. She has light brown hair which she keeps in a bun, fair skin and green eyes. She enjoys wearing jewellery, usually cheap (turquoise and lapis lazuli) but not obviously so. 

Tarnist Wildwanderer
6th level fighter, align Neutral, male
Str 16, Int 11, Wis 13, Dex 9, Con 16, Cha 9
AC 3, Move 90', HP 35, THAC0 12 melee, Dam 1d8+3
Equipment: Chain Mail +2, Sword +1, Dagger +1, Ring of Cold Resistance
Tarnist is a retired trapper who has spent 15 years on Icemud Tundra and in the Twilight Forest. He has made quite a lot of money from the fur trade and has retired to become the innkeeper of the Crossed Swords tavern, a favourite among old soldiers, mercenaries and adventurers. Tarnist now has a wife and a baby son, and he is trying to adapt to this new way of life, but he keeps listening to other peoples' stories and remembering his previous career. He could prove useful to adventurers as he gets asked by both those with problems adventurers might solve, and by those looking for adventure. However, he does his best to keep things legitimate, and has been known to kick out those who use his inn for planning crimes. 
Appearance: Tarnist is a tall (6'4"), red-headed northerner, he claims to be half-barbarian and he certainly looks the part. He has pale skin, blue eyes and reddish hair including a drooping handlebar moustache. His hooked nose, deep brows and large chin make him look particularly fierce. He has lost two of the fingers on his left hand (he says he lost them in a fight but he was actually mishandling a spring-loaded trap) and has scars from some claws on his right forearm (genuine, from a fight with a grizzly bear). He wears rugged clothes, usually leather or fur, plus his chain mail tunic even when behind his bar. 

NM, unaligned, female
Str 10, Int 9, Wis 7, Dex 10, Con 10, Cha 9
AC 9, Move 120', HP 3, THAC0 20, Dam 1d8
Equipment: Sword
Tellimi was born into the tavern-keeping tradition as was her father and grandfather, but she is not particularly proud of that. She acts all dark and mysterious because she is rather envious that other tavern and inn owners have adventurous or shady pasts whereas hers is boring. She has dropped hints that she is actually a magic user keeping a low profile, and this has been picked up by one or two shady characters who don't realise she is bluffing. 
Appearance: Tellimi is 5'2", 100lb and rather plain and dull looking. She has black hair she keeps short, and has pale skin. She often wears dark dresses or gowns to add to her air of mystery and looks a bit like a goth.  

Natchor Highfiddle
2nd level Halfling Scout, align Lawful, male
Str 10, Int 11, Wis 10, Dex 13, Con 10, Cha 12
AC 6, Move 60', hp 6, THAC0 18 for 1d6+1 (shortsword) or 1d4 (throwing daggers)
Equipment: Leather Armour, Shortsword +1, 4 throwing daggers
Natchor has settled down in Walrus City having fled the Summoning further south fifty years ago as a youngster with his parents. He briefly flirted with being an adventurer, but saw several of his friends get killed, and decided to quit adventuring while he was alive. He now makes no bones about preferring quiet safety over adventure and riches. These days Natchor runs the Worried Warlock tavern, and is very house-proud. Some would say he takes neatness and tidiness too far, but he just likes things to be in good condition and in their right place.  
Appearance: Natchor is a typical halfling, standing 3'2" and with light brown hair kept short and large sideburns. He wears halfling-style town clothes most of the time and keeps his leather armour

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