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NPCs of Walrus City part 2

Shemeera of Sestarna
9th level halfling defender, align lawful, female
Str 13, Int 13, Wis 15, Dex 10, Con 10, Cha 12
Equipment: Chain mail +1, Mace +1, Shield +1, holy symbol, 2 vials of holy water
Spells: Cure Light Wounds, Light, Bless, Hold Person, Cure Serious Wounds, Cure Disease
Shemeera follows Sestarna, goddess of hope and healing, and hopes to establish a shrine to her deity in Walrus City. In the meantime she has set up a home that also functions as an orphanage, hospital and welfare centre looking after the poor and needy. Word of her good work has spread around Walrus City, generating a range of reactions. Some of the more charitable merchants and middle classes have donated food, blankets, clothes and money to her home, but some malevolent folk seek to undermine and sabotage her work. 
Appearance: Shemeera is a middle aged halfling, with blonde-turning-silvery hair in a bob and a friendly, relaxed face. She stands 3'2" and is still fairly fit and slim. She usually wears her holy robes, but may wear her chain mail underneath. 

Gunderan Longdagger
10th level thief, align Chaotic, male
Str 14, Int 10, Wis 10, Dex 16, Con 9, Cha 12
Equipment: Leather Armour, Sword +1, Dagger +1, thieves tools, backpack
Gunderan is the leader of a gang of thieves that work the harbour market area of Walrus City. Gunderan has met members of the Red Hand but has not fully joined them. Nevertheless, for the right payment he is quite willing to work with them. He does not see himself as evil and considers himself a tough guy trying to survive in a tough world. Quite often his actions are not so much deliberately evil so much as callously pragmatic. He has previously worked with Darreth Stonefire and Melduvia Zalnin, both of whom have become innkeepers. 
Appearance: Gunderan is 5'11", slim, athletic (120lb) and with iron grey hair and grey moustache and sideburns. He has a thin, hawk-like face apart from a disjointed nose that has been broken several times. He usually dresses in dark clothes that are smart but also good for hiding in shadows, and always carries his sword and dagger. 

Telleshan the Sorceress
14th level magic user, align neutral, female
Str 8, Int 17, Wis 12, Dex 10, Con 13, Cha 13
Equipment: Staff of Wizardry (14 charges), Ring of Regeneration, Amulet of ESP
Notable memorised Spells: 
7th level: Lore, Reverse Gravity
6th level: Anti-Magic Shell, Stone to Flesh, Invisible Stalker
5th level: Conjure Elemental, Feeblemind, Teleport
4th level: Wizard Eye, Polymorph Self, Wall of Ice, Dimension Door
Telleshan is the most renowned mage in Walrus City, famous for single-handedly slaying a rampaging frost salamander that attacked the city walls. Although she is not a merchant she is often consulted by them on magical matters. She is also the unofficial ambassador to Najask, as she know some of the Magocracy personally. She tries to stay out of business rivalries and intrigues of the merchants, and also deliberately avoids getting dragged into other peoples schemes. She will sometimes help adventurers with problems involving magic, especially if they are willing to pay her in kind (finding a particular item, investigating a mysterious place for her and the like). 
Appearance: Telleshan is 5'3" tall, 160lb and rounded and quite plump. She looks more like a matronly aunt than a powerful spellcaster, with her brownish hair tied up into a bun. She dresses smartly, in town clothes that do not indicate her wizardry, though anyone will notice she constantly walks around with an unusual staff. 

Siswasa Harrani
6th level Elf Ranger, unaligned
Str 13, Int 11, Wis 10, Dex 16, Con 10, Cha 11
Equipment: Leather Armour, Shortbow, 20 arrows, Sword +1, Boots of Elvenkind 
Siswasa is a renegade from the Orchunter Clan who has fallen in with the crime gangs of Walrus City. Although her ranger training is of some use in the city, she is uncomfortable and wants to move on, but she is not sure where as she doesn't want to go back to the Twilight Forest. She has never said what has made her flee from the Twilight Forest, but she has dropped hints that she killed another elf either in anger or self-defence. Siswasa is very cautious around other elves and becomes quite paranoid if they are from the Twilight Forest. She has been involved in crimes with Gunderan Longdagger, but unlike him she has never been caught or punished. 
Appearance: Siswasa is like most elf maidens - slim, petite and quite pretty. She stands 4'11" and has golden blonde hair, but she keeps her head covered with a large hooded cloak as she does not like attention. She dresses in rough-and-ready street clothes, with her leather armour underneath. 

Dannagor Goldtooth
6th level dwarf warrior, unaligned
Str 10, Int 14, Wis 10, Dex 8, Con 16, Cha 12
Equipment: Chain Mail +1, "Bugswatter" (Hammer +1 +2 vs invertebrates), dagger, 
Dannagor is a fence, a shady merchant who does whatever he can to make a profit. He knows not to cheat those he regularly deals with unless he is certain he won't be caught. Dannagor can be very annoying and full of himself, varying between the ingratiating toadying around important customers and town officials to dismissive contempt to anyone he considers lower than himself. When he talks about himself he will exaggerate anything good and conveniently ignore anything bad, even when the people he's talking to know the truth. 
Dannagor's redeeming feature is that he is fond of children of any race, and as such he has donated some (ill-gotten) money to Shemeera of Sestarna to help with her orphanage-hospital. 
Appearance: Dannagor is 4'1", 150lb, with iron-grey hair, balding on top. He does not have the traditional full beard of most dwarves but has thick sideburns linking up with a full moustache without any hair on the chin. Dannagor considers himself a respectable merchant and dresses as such, in dwarf-style smart town clothes. He only wears chainmail underneath if he is expecting trouble. 

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