Monday, 9 January 2012

A Timeline for Kaelaross

This is a work in progress - as more details are added to the setting, I expect this timeline will expand. The standard timescale in use across Kaelaross is the Bursian Year (BY) reckoning. 

BY -14,000 Rise of the Warrior Kingdoms of Kzuth
BY -6000 primitive humans colonise Toutus and spread over most of the continent
BY -1200s Rise of Cynidean empire in what would eventually become part of  Bellenos
BY -800s First city-states on eastern coast of Bursia
BY -350s "Papyri of Zoth" written in Cynidea
BY -205 City-States of Bursia become a republic
BY 1 Bursian Empire is founded as the first Bursian Emperor is crowned
BY 223 Great dust storms buries what is left of Cynidea, leaving nothing but ruins
BY 300s Human kingdoms form on south coast of Toutus continent
BY 430 In the Grulven Mountains the Dwarven kingdom of Urrugorn collapses
BY 482 Bursian civil War begins
BY 497 Bursian civil war ends, start of Age of the Tetrarchs in Bursia
BY 500s Toutian Kingdoms form an alliance 
BY 561 Start of the Tetrarch War in Bursia
BY 562 End of the Tetrarch War in Bursia, founding of the second Bursian Empire
BY 722 Toutian kingdoms are unified into the Toutus Empire in response to a humanoid threat
BY 820 Urdus Isthmus is colonised by the Toutus Empire
BY 826 Construction of Seaview Keep started
BY 830 Port at Maquosmouth formally starts to accept ships
BY 844 Zelchus takes over ownership of Seaview Keep
BY 850 Toutus Empire invades the Dwarves of the Ten Peaks
BY 860 Teiglin is incorporated into the Toutus Empire as a colony
BY 899 Dwarves of the Ten Peaks form a Confederacy
BY 1050 Dwarves of the Ten Peaks revolt against Duke of Urdus
BY 1067 Ironmarket becomes regular trading place between humans of Urdus and Dwarves of the Ten Peaks
BY 1221 Warlock Harbour built off coast of Teiglin
BY 1312 Chaos Cult on Elkhorn Island is destroyed, shrine to Adonor established on the island.
BY 1322 "The Histories of the Ancients" is written
BY 1330s Human trappers and hunters form settlement on what would become Walrus City
BY 1423 Construction of Hurin Fort begins
BY 1432 Walrus City formally established
BY 1456 "Magic Weapons I Have Known and Loved by Snorrvord the Elder" written
BY 1466 Najask City formally established
BY 1483 Walrus City governed as Imperial colony
BY 1501 Walrus City and other cities around the Walrus Channel become the Walrus Freehold
BY 1511 "The Abominable Cults of Chaos" commissioned and written
BY 1550 The Wars Between the Empires begin
BY 1551 "The Noble Families of Toutus" is written
                Vettrel Keep on Kaynor Islands abandoned by Teiglin, taken over by pirates
BY 1557 Weberin Island is sacked by Bursian Forces, resulting in anarchy
BY 1560 The Summoning - for 3 weeks Bhael roams Kaelaross on his own, for another 3 weeks Bhael does battle against Rhondus and Adonor across the face of Kaelaross. Many apocalyptic disasters happen and Chaos Portals are created. 
               Capital of Teiglin officially moves from Erkhart (now ruined) to Thaldion
                The Urdus Isthmus sinks below the sea, forming the Godsblood Straits. Other geographical changes also happen. 
BY 1561 Construction of string of forts to the west of Ironmarket begins
BY 1565 Klantorr Island officially ceases to be a Barony and becomes a Theocracy
BY 1591 A company from the Traitor Legion establish a base on the west of the Island of Lost Souls
BY 1595 Failed attempt to recapture Erkhart in Teiglin. Castellan Keep is reoccupied instead.
BY 1601 Thestor II begins his reign of Teiglin
BY 1610 Current Year

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