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Dungeon of the Month January 2012

The Hideout of the Gang of Three - a dungeon for characters of level 5-7 using Basic/Expert D&D or Labyrinth Lord rules.
This dungeon is set in Mellish, on the west coast of the Godsblood Straits, and is the secret base for the three powerful NPCs who run Mellish as their own private fiefdom.

1. The Entrance Hall: 1 minotaur (29 hp, stats as per rule book), 2 ogres (12, 18 hp, stats as per rule book), one chaos priest (hp 13, see below for stats, human 4th level cleric) and one chaos warrior (hp 18, see below for stats, 4th level fighter) all stand guard. In the middle of the room is an octagonal pit 20' deep (2d6 falling damage). The creatures here will try to push intruders into the pit.

Grulgor's domain (rooms 2-10)

2. Rubbish Pit, open pit 20' deep (2d6 falling damage) with an ochre jelly (hp 17, stats as per rule book) at the bottom. The sides are very slippery and cannot be climbed out without help (thieves get -30% to Climb Walls check, other characters need to use rope and iron spikes and/or crampons). Although the ochre jelly has no interest in treasure, 43sp, 11gp and a spherical turquoise worth 10gp have ended up in the pit.

3. 4 ogres (hp 25, 14, 16, 12, stats as per rulebook) are lounging around here. Unless they have a reason to be alerted, they suffer -1 to their surprise roll (in effect being surprised on 1-3 on d6). The room is filled with straw mattresses covered in badly tanned hides (not valuable).

4. 5 ogres (hp 18, 27, 21, 22, 18, stats as per rulebook)  + 1 ogre leader (hp 30, stats as per my article on this blog). The ogre leader has a key on a leather thong around his neck. The key is to a wooden chest under his crude wooden throne, in which there is 12,000gp, 4200gp, 300pp and 2 large aquamarine gems worth 400gp each.

5. 3 chaos warriors (hp 19, 16, 17, see below for stats) are on guard here. They will attack any intruders. The room is decorated with trophies including helms, shields and banners of fallen foes, plus a few mummified heads.

6. Vordentus (6th level human thief, AC 3, Move 120', hp 17, Att 1 shortsword, THAC0 14 (10 if backstabbing), Dam 1d6+3 + poison (2d6+6 + poison if backstabbing), Ml 8, Align Chaotic, XP 570, equipment: leather armour +1, Ring of Protection +2, shortsword +2, thieves tools, vial of distilled mushroom poison (if injected or swallowed, save vs poison or suffer 1d6 damage per turn until dead, poison is neutralised or 24 hours has passed)
Vordentus is the chief spy of the Gang of Three. He is resentful about not being made a full partner (why not make it the gang of four?) and is considering defecting to the Red Hand. In the event of there being a fight in room 5, Vordentus will be alerted. He will then use his thief abilities and poison to make hit-and-run attacks against lone or straggling intruders or maybe just escape with his life. Vordentus's room includes his bed, his table and chair and a chest with a false bottom. On top are clothes and rations (nothing worth more than a few silvers) but underneath the false bottom is 1100gp, 2 vials of distilled mushroom poison and a coded letter from the Red Hand that is difficult to decipher but is basically an invitation to quit Mellish and head for a secret location west of Aerisport in the Godsblood Hills.

7. 3 chaos warriors (hp 13, 28, 20, see below for stats) + Lieutenant Karnus (6th level fighter, AC 2, Move 60', hp 31, Att 1 polearm, THAC0 12, Dam 1d10+3, Ml 11, Align chaotic, XP 320. Equipment: Polearm +1, Plate Mail +1, 25gp)

8. Grulgor the Angry, 8th level fighter, align Chaotic, male
Str 16, Dex 10, Con 16, Int 8, Wis 8, Cha 8
AC 0, Move 60', hp 51, THAC0 10, Att 1 polearm for 1d10+4
Equipment: Plate Mail +2, Ring of Protection +1, Polearm +2, 3 javelins, potion of extra healing
Grulgor is one of the Gang of Three, and thus part ruler of Mellish. His quarters include a bed, a table and a box of clothes. Underneath the bed is a loose flagstone (same chance to spot as secret door). Under the flagstone is a leather sack in which there are 15 amber gems each worth 300gp, a platinum and amethyst ring worth 600gp and 350pp.

9. 1 ogre leader (hp 29, stats as per my article on this blog), Borzogg, who is Grulgor's loyal companion and hench-thing. He has a strong hatred and rivalry with the ogre leader in room 4 who commands most of the ogres in the dungeon.

10. Empty apart from some barrels of beer and fresh water.

Velshist's Domain

11. 2 minotaurs (hp 30, 18, stats as per rulebook). They have been charmed by Velshist in room 13, and will obey her slavishly.

12. 1 minotaur leader (hp 43, stats as per my article on this blog) + 2 minotaurs (hp 19, 23, stats as per rulebook). All three have been charmed by Velshist in room 13 and will obey her without question. The minotaur leader will sometimes act as her deputy. The minotaur leader has 2 golden torcs that it wears as bracelets - each is worth 500gp.

13. Velshist the Rapacious 8th level magic user, AC 5, Move 120', hp 19, THAC0 15, Att 1 dagger for 1d4+2 or spell, Align Chaotic, XP 1060
Equipment: Bracers of Defence AC 7, Cloak of Protection +1, Dagger +2, Wand of Illusion, 2 potions of Healing, bag of holding. Spells: Magic Missile, Detect Magic, Charm Person, Web, Levitate, Mirror Image, Fireball, Dispel Magic, Charm Monster x2
Velshist carries her bag of holding with her at all times and it contains the rest of her treasure. The centrepiece and her prized possession is a chess set carved from ebony and ivory. The board is worth 500gp and each of the 32 pieces are worth 40gp. Together the whole set is worth 2000gp.The bag also contains 105,000sp, 660gp, 108pp, 2 potions of gaseous form and an amethyst and silver pendant worth 240gp.

14. A permanent Phantasmal Force cast on the room that apparently populates the room with 1d6+2 monstrous, rapidly moving shadows. Although creatures formed by Phantasmal Force are normally AC9, these are moving fast and erratically enough to count as AC6. The illusion is permanent, and after one is hit and dissipated, it reforms after a turn.

15. 1 apprentice mage (5th level magic user, AC 9, Move 120', hp 17, Att 1 dagger or 1 spell, THAC0 17, dam 1d4+1 or by spell, align Chaotic, XP 350, memorised spells are: charm person, magic missile, web, mirror image, fireball, equipment: robe, dagger+1, spellbook, 64pp, topaz worth 650gp), plus pet rust monster (hp 21, stats as per rulebook)

16. 1 Fire Elemental (8HD, 1d8 damage, hp 42, other stats as per rulebook), with two fire pits. The fire pits are only 2' deep, but cause 2d6 fire damage per round to anyone who enters that square (including jumping across). The elemental will try to push PCs into the fire pits.

17. 1 apprentice mage (5th level magic user, AC 6, Move 120', hp 9, Att 1 dagger or 1 spell, THAC0 18 or 17 if thrown, dam 1d4 or by spell, align Chaotic, XP 350, memorised spells are: magic missile, sleep, phantasmal force, invisibility, dispel magic Equipment: robes of protection +1, ring of protection +1, 4 daggers balanced for throwing, bracelet worth 120gp) plus pet rust monster (hp 30, stats as per rulebook). The apprentice mage has a locked chest as well as a bed. In the chest are some underwear, a ceremonial robe and a sack with 180pp and a coded letter from the Red Hand, which if decoded is inviting the mage to defect to the Red Hand.

Urquart's Domain

18. The Long Corridor: Along the sides are lined up 25 human zombies (hp 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 11, 11, 11, 11, 11, stats as per rulebook), 5 ogre zombies (AC 8, Move 60', HD 5+1, hp 26, 33, 18, 22, 21, THAC0 14, Att 1 club for 1d10, always attacks last, Ml 12 (fearless), Align Chaotic, Int 0, XP 260 each) and 2 minotaur zombies (AC 8, Move 60' HD 7, hp 22, 29, THAC0 13, Att 1 horn/1 bite for 1d6/1d6, always attacks last, Ml 12 (fearless), Int 0, XP 440)

19. 5 ghouls (hp 9, 6, 9, 7, 11, stats as per rulebook).

20. 4 chaos priests (4th level clerics, hp 18, 21, 21, 16, stats as below) with their beds and belongings. There is also a table with a dull gray jug of ale and 6 dirty flagons in the middle of the room. The jug is tarnished but well-crafted silver - if cleaned up it is worth 800gp, while each flagon is similarly badly tarnished silver, worth 200gp each if cleaned.

21. 2 chaos priests (4th level clerics, hp 17, 16, stats as below) plus 1 spectre (hp 820, stats as per rulebook). This will soon be a chapel of Chaos, but is as yet unfinished. The area has not been sanctified/desecrated nor has the carving been finished. The spectre is a former priest of chaos, and will not attack his living brethren despite his hunger. Nevertheless, the two priests of chaos both wear amulets that supposedly protect them  from energy drain. The amulets are actually bogus (no magical properties at all) but are very nice and worth 750gp each, being wrought gold studded with amber stones. .

22. 1 bone golem (hp 33, stats as per rulebook), plus a large collection of inanimate bones and two partially constructed and currently inanimate bone golems.

23. Urquart the Doomed, 8th level cleric,  male, Str 13, Dex 8, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 14, AC 1, Move 60' hp 28, THAC0 14, Att 1 warhammer +1 for 1d6+2 or spell, Ml 10, align Chaotic,XP 1060
Equipment: Plate Mail +1, Shield +1, Warhammer +1 +3 vs lawful creatures, Unholy Symbol, Potion of Invisibility
Spells: Detect Law, Darkness, Cure Light Wounds x2, Snake charm, Bless/Bane, Hold Person, Animate Dead, Dispel Magic, Sticks to Snakes, Cure Serious Wounds
Around his neck, Urquart has a key to the large chest that dominates the room. Inside is 121,000sp and 80 gold ingots worth 100gp each. There is a catch on the side of the chest that needs to be pressed, otherwise unlocking and opening the chest releases a vial of poison gas - save vs poison or die instantly. The catch is not too difficult - any thief trying to find/remove traps gets +30% to both rolls.

24. 1 deputy cleric Derrefane (6th level cleric, AC 3, Move 60', hp 25, THAC0 16, 1 staff of striking for 2d6+1, Align Chaotic, Ml 10, XP 570 Equipment: Plate Mail, Staff of Striking 20 charges, unholy symbol, 2 vials of unholy water, 1 potion of healing,
Spells: Cure Light Wounds, Darkness, Detect Magic, Hold Person,  Bless/Bane, Silence 15' radius, Animate Dead, Dispel Magic).
This is Derrefane's quarters, and he has a bed, a table, chest and coat stand (on which several ceremonial robes hang). A stone in the wall behind his bed is loose, and if detected and pulled out there is a silk bag with Derrefane's treasure - 2300gp, 240pp and 4 jade cabochons worth 100gp each

25. Hidden pit trap. Apparently empty, but the room has a false floor. Anything more than 50lb weight will cause the false floor to slope down into the middle of the room, into a 30' deep trap (3d6 falling damage).

26. 15 human skeletons (hp 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 5, 6, 6, 6, 7, 7, 7, stats as per rulebook), 3 ogre skeletons (AC 7 Move 90' HD 4, hp 23, 12, 22, 16, THAC0 16, Att 1 club for 1d10, Align chaotic, Int 0, XP 80).

Chaos Priest: 4th level clerics, AC 2, Move 60', HD 4d6, Att 1 mace or 1 spell, THAC0 18, Dam 1d6 or by spell, Ml 10, Align Chaotic, XP 135
Equipment: Plate Mail, Mace, Shield, Unholy Symbol, 3d6gp
Spells: Cure Light Wounds, Darkness (x2 if Labyrinth Lord rules), Hold Person, ( and Bless/Bane if Labyrinth Lord rules)

Chaos Warrior: 4th level fighters, AC 3, Move 60' HD 4d8, Att 1 two-handed sword, THAC0 15, Dam 1d10+2, Ml 10, Align Chaotic, XP 80
Equipment: Plate Mail, 2 handed sword, 3d6 gp

Monster XP values
#1 (320+280+135+80), #2 500, #3 560, #4 700+380, #5 240, #6 570, #7 240+320, #8 560, #9 380, #10 0, #11 640, #12 640+1000, #13 1060, #14 0, #15 350+350, #16 1060, #17 350+350, #18 500+1300+1320, #19 145, #20 540, #21 270 +820, #22 1560, #23 1060, #24 570, #26 150+240

Treasure Values apart from individual monster treasure and magic items
#2 25gp
#4 7700gp
#6 1100gp
#8 6850gp
#12 1000gp
#13 13,940gp
#15 970gp
#17 1020gp
#20 2000gp
#21 1500gp
#23 20,100gp
#24 3900gp

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