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Dungeon of the Month August 2012

The Subterranean River Lair
This is a short dungeon that could be added onto the side of a larger dungeon level or on its own. It uses the D&D Basic/Expert rules or Labyrinth Lord and is suited for characters of levels 2-4 

The river flowing through this dungeon is 6' deep (so even humans need to swim to keep their heads above water) and flows at 10' per round. Most borders where stone floor meets the river, the floor of the dungeon is 1' higher than the water level, thus it is relatively easy to climb out of the river if you can reach the edge. 

The lizardmen around this dungeon are neutral with chaotic tendancies. They are under the command of a chaotic lizardman priest who is trying to convert the tribe to the worship of Slargor. Killing him would mean the surviving lizardmen becoming disenchanted with worshiping Chaos and drifting back to neutrality. 

1) The Entrance: 5 lizardmen (hp 8, 9, 6, 17,13) guarding the stone bridge over the river, plus 2 giant piranha (hp 21, 16)  in the river. The lizardmen will try to knock anyone in metal armour into the river. 

2) Guard post: 2 lizardmen (hp 13, 15) plus food supplies (salted meat from various animals, smoked fish and parts of giant insects).

3) Empty apart from a pair of human corpses in the middle of the room and a scythe trap over the doorway. Anyone entering the room triggers the trap that sends a scythe swinging down at anyone in the doorway. THAC0 10, Dam 1d8+2. It only attacks once, after which the lizardmen have to reset it.

4) 2 lizardmen (hp 6, 11), 2 giant toads (hp 12, 10) guarding the bridge plus 2 giant piranhas (hp 16, 11) in the river. There is a stone bridge across the river.
In the river under the bridge there is a corpse of a lizardman leader who still wears a silver and coral necklace worth 640gp. However, it will take some careful searching underwater (2 in 6 per person per turn) to find the corpse. 

5) 1 Lizardman Priest (AC 5, HD 4+2*, hp 21, Move 60', swim 120', THAC0 14, Att 1 mace, Dam 1d6+2, Spec Att spells, Save C4, Ml 11, Align Chaotic, XP value 290) who wields a Mace+1 and whose spells include Darkness, Cure Light Wounds and Bane (reverse of Bless) , plus 2 lizardmen (hp 10, 10)
On an island in the pool is a crude clay statue of Slargor with lizardman-like features including a snout and long scaly tail, wielding his signature two crossed axes. 

6) Breeding Chamber: 4 lizardmen (hp 11, 7, 15, 15) plus 5 young (non-combatants) plus 7 eggs

7) 4 giant geckos (hp 20, 11, 18, 18) guarding a treasure chest. This chest contains 3500gp, 10,000sp, a potion of invisibility,10 gold ingots worth 100gp each, 20 silver ingots worth 100sp (10gp) each, an amphora of fine wine worth 200gp (maybe more to a wine connoisseur) and a bolt of fine silk worth 600gp. 

8) Upstream mouth - this could lead to other dungeon areas, or it could be blocked off by an impassable iron grill. 

9) 3 giant piranhas (hp 17, 21, 13) patrol this area of the river and will attack any intruders or prey (i.e. anything other than a piranha).

10) Downstream tunnel - similar to the upstream end, this could lead to other dungeon areas, or it could be blocked by an impassable iron grill.

11) 1 gelatinous cube (hp 17) is sweeping this room. As the room is dark and the gelatinous cube has nothing suspended in it, it has a good chance to surprise any opponents. 

12) Empty, having recently been swept clean by the 'cube. 

13) 2 ghouls (hp 8, 6) have been trapped here by the cube and are ravenous. When any humanoid enters, the ghouls leap to the attack at +1 to hit but also +1 penalty to AC (from 6 to 7). In among the debris in the ghoul's room there is a silver tiara studded with 6 peridots worth 1400gp. 

14) Empty

15) The Trog Den: 3 troglodytes (hp 14, 7, 10) live here. They are allies of convenience with the lizardmen, though they don't necessarily like each other (the lizardmen think the troglodytes smell horrible, and the troglodytes consider the lizardmen easily cowed). If the lizardmen are losing against PC attacks, then they may regroup here with the troglodytes. The troglodytes have one interesting advantage - the piranhas leave them alone because their offensive odour is detectable underwater, making them unappetizing to giant piranhas. 
In the northeast corner of the troglodyte den there is a pile of chewed-up fish bones. Underneath this is a leather sack with the troglodytes' treasure: 1,100gp, 2000sp and 10 gems (3 small magma stones worth 200gp each, 4 jades worth 100gp each and 3 large ambers worth 150gp each, totalling 1450gp worth)

Monster XP distribution #1 235+130 = 365xp, #2 94xp, #4, 94+142+130=366xp, #5 290+94=384xp, #6 188xp, #7 400xp, #9 195xp, #11 245xp, #13 94xp, #15 114xp 
total = 2445xp for all monsters in dungeon

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