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Menshallan Keep Part 1

Menshallan Keep was an outpost of the Toutus Empire far to the north in the Walrus Freehold.along the coastline of the Twisted Hills. (It is not marked on the map - use your intuition to find it). It is abandoned by humans, but not ruined - during the Wars between the Empires, the Toutus Empire just withdrew all the troops and staff to fight elsewhere, and then the empire collapsed. The Keep still stands. 
The keep is in a concentric pattern, with four square corner towers connected by four thick "corridors" and a courtyard with a pond in the middle. 
The two main levels are shown here, though any enterprising DM could add as many extra levels as they want. Note the stairs going down from the ground floor in room 13 - is that just cellars or is there more under the keep than on the surface?
The surface levels are intended for a party of levels 3-5. At least one magic weapon is recommended. 

Menshallan Keep Ground Level

  1. The Entrance Passageway: The double doors at each end are hanging off their hinges. 
  2. Hallway - empty apart from a pile of animal bones (previous meals of the ogres). 
  3. Crossbow Trap aimed at the doorway. Att 2 bolts, THAC0 12, Dam 1d8/1d8
  4. Armoury - all usable stuff has ben looted. In the corner are two Rhagodessas (AC 5, Mv 150', HD 4+2, hp 13, 24, THAC0 15, Att 1 leg/1 bite for 0/2d8, leg hit grips and allows automatic bite, Sv F2, Ml 9, Align unaligned, XP 215 each) that will attack any intruders. 
  5. Armoury - Most usable stuff has been looted but 2 suits of human-sized scale mail & 10 spears remain. 
  6. 2 ogres (AC 5, Mv 90', HD 4+1, hp 15, 16, THAC0 15, Att 1 club for 1d10, Sv F4, Ml 10, Align C, XP 140 each) + 2 juvenile ogres (AC 6, Mv 90', HD 2+1, hp 7, 5, THAC0 17, Att 1 club for 1d8, Sv F2, Ml 8, Align C, XP 35 each)
  7. Hunks of butchered meat hanging from the ceiling. The meat is mostly livestock and wild deer, but one or two pieces look disturbingly human.
  8. 3 ogres (AC 5, Mv 90', HD 4+1, hp 11, 24, 17, THAC0 15, Att 1 club for 1d10, Sv F4, Ml 10, Align C, XP 140 each)
  9. A dead dwarf - used as part trophy, part toy by the ogres. 
  10. 1 ogre leader (AC 4, Mv 90', HD 6+2, hp 37, THAC0 12, Att 1 battle axe for 1d8+3, Sv F6, Ml 11, Align C, XP 380) wielding a battle axe +1 for 1d8+3 damage (+1 magic bonus, +2 for ogre strength). He has a chest in the corner with 60 ingots worth 100sp each, 21,000sp, 1600gp and 420pp. 
  11. Empty
  12. Empty
  13. 1 wight (AC 5, Mv 90', HD 3, hp 13 THAC0 17, Att 1 touch for Energy Drain, SD silver or magic weapons needed to hit, Sv F3, Ml 12, Align C, XP 110)
  14. 3 shadows (AC7, Mv 90', HD 2+2, hp 12, 9, 10, THAC0 17 Att 1 touch for 1d4 + drain 1 strength, SD Magic weapon needed to hit, Surprise on 1-5 on D6, Sv F2, Ml 12, Align C, XP 83). In the corner there are four large ceramic vases, 3 containing a total of 13,000sp and the last one 18 gems (all citrines) worth 50gp each and 2 scrolls (one is a Scroll of Protection against Elementals, the other has the Magic User spells Web, Levitate and Dispel Magic)
  15. animated iron statue (AC 2, Mv 30', HD 4, hp 26, THAC0 16, Att 2 swords for 1d8/1d8, SD nonmagical metal weapons stick to statue, Sv F4, Ml 11, Align Unaligned, XP 190) crafted to appear as a soldier encased in full plate armour wielding two swords. The statue will not attack immediately unless to defend itself. Scrawled in chalk on one of the walls are three commands: En Garde!, Hither! and As You Were!
    En Garde! will cause the statue to attack
    Hither! will cause the statue to move in the direction of the person giving the command.
    As You Were! will cause the statue to cease fighting and return to this room. 
  16. Former training room. 3 animated swords attack, 1 is a sword +1 +2 vs spellcasters and will attack any mage, cleric or other spellcaster. Dispel Magic will de-animate the swords. They attack with THAC0 18 and do 1d8 damage, except for the magical sword which of course has THAC0 17 and does 1d8+1 damage, except against spellcasters such as clerics, magic users and elf spellblades. The swords cannot be defeated by conventional means, but they, like other weapons, will be stuck if they damage the animated iron statue in room 15. They will not leave this room, so characters can retreat without the swords following. 
  17. Dining hall with long tables and benches. There are two wax animated statues (AC 9, Mv 90', HD 3, hp 10, 11, THAC0 17, Att 1 weapon for 1d6, Sv T3, Ml 12, Align U, XP 65) attending the tables in an endless cycle - one lays the table places and the other clears them away. The statues appear to be man-servants in peasant clothes, with hand axes hanging from their belts. If interrupted or the crockery or cutlery is stolen or destroyed the wax animated statues attack the offenders. 
  18. Corridor - appears normal but entering the southern half triggers blinding gas (save vs poison or be blind for 1d6 hours) and a magic mouth spell that shouts out "Intruders!" repeatedly. Intelligent inhabitants of the keep have marked the boundary between the safe part and the trapped part with two upturned buckets sitting on the floor of the passage (in between the doors to rooms 21 and 22)
  19. Central Courtyard. The pond here is murky but contains nothing of interest except scummy water and mud. 
  20. Empty
  21. 1 Gelatinous Cube (AC 8, Mv 60', HD 4, hp 24 THAC0 16, Att 1 slam for 2d4 + paralysis, SD surprise on 1-4 on D6, Sv F2, Ml 12, Align U, XP 135) + gems suspended in it.
  22. Empty
  23. 1 Wight (AC 5, Mv 90', HD 3, hp 9 THAC0 17, Att 1 touch for Energy Drain, SD silver or magic weapons needed to hit, Sv F3, Ml 12, Align C, XP 110) plus 3 Ogre zombies (AC 8, Mv 60', HD 5+1, hp 31, 18, 20, THAC0 14, Att 1 club for 1d10, always attacks last, Ml 12, Align C, XP 260), guarding a chest with 2100gp, 4 pieces of jewelry worth 400gp each and 210pp and a Mace +1. 
  24. Empty. Former kitchen, with sink and stoves and tables. 
  25. Alchemical Lab with warning on the door in Elvish. Inside there are many pieces of salvageable alchemy equipment (total 160gp worth but bulky and fragile) and ingredients, plus 32 different unlabeled jars and vials with various contents such as magic potions, acids, urine specimens, poison, squid sepia and the like. The DM is invited to be creative and sadistic should the PCs start experimenting....
(XP distribution: #4 430xp, #6 350xp, #8 420xp, #10 380xp, 13# 110xp, #14 190xp, #15 249xp, #17 130xp, #21 245xp, #23 890xp)  

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