Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Adventure Seeds around Teiglin 1

Good Shepherds: The Voina Hills are not the most dangerous of terrain, but they are not completely safe either. The village of Oldship on Stelmit's north coast normally has a fair number of sheep farmers and shepherds. However, wolves have been attacking the flocks of sheep, and the shepherds are suffering as a result. The dwarves are not very interested - they have enough problems keeping the village safe from pirate raiders. The PCs are asked to hunt down and kill the wolves.
The wolves are not alone - they are partially trained and partially magically controlled by a kobold shaman and his band of kobold followers.

Diffusing the Fireballs: In Brandir town two powerful but not so wise mages are becoming more and more hostile towards each other. They have already factionalised many in the magical college there and it seems only a matter of time before a magical duel ensues - and the more sensible mages believe there will be considerable damage as a result, both to the town and to the reputation of mages across Teiglin. The town mayor has contacted the PCs and offered them a decent reward if they can somehow diffuse the situation either by negotiations or by sabotaging the mages' ability to cast spells.

The Tower in the Woods: In Luthien there was a wizard who fled from his tower in the Karalos Woods during the invasion of Chaos. He subsequently died of old age without returning to the tower. His daughter is still alive and wants the adventurers to go into the tower and retrieve her mother's pendant. The Karalos Woods are still dangerous, and once they get to the Wizard's tower they will find a chaotic rival mage with his hobgoblin minions about to break in and ransack the place, looking for the wizard's spellbook. The daughter's pendant is purely of sentimental value, but if the chaotic mage hears of it he will assume this is a powerful magic item, and will not let the PCs take it peacefully. There are also traps and guardians inside the wizard's tower, including crystal and wax animated statues.

The Red Handed Assassin: A killer has murdered a witness in Alvenir who was going to tell the Captain of the Watch about Red Hand activities in the town. However, the murder happened in view of a number of people, and now the killer has fled town. The PCs have been sent after him - there is a substantial bounty on his head, wanted dead or alive. The killer tried to get to Troutmarket but was blocked by a patrol so he diverted into Hawkswood.
There is a safehouse in Hawkswood run by a secretive cleric of Bhael who will take in the fugitive for a high price. However, the insect infestation has almost reached the safehouse, threatening the cleric, the fugitive and anyone following.

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