Friday, 5 August 2011

Golems and Animated Statues

Golems and Animated statues are found across Kaelaross, and are constructed by  powerful mages using rare materials, immaculate craftsmanship and ancient magical formulae. They are of particular importance in the city of Maquosmouth where a group of mages are using them to fend off hordes of chaotic monsters.

Existing types of golem include
Mud (from Rules Cyclopedia)
Obsidian (from Rules Cyclopedia)
Existing types of Animated statues (also mistakenly called Living Statues) include

I was going to create rules for constructing golems and animated statues, but on page 253 of the Rules Cyclopedia there seem to be a complete set of rules for creating constructs, so I shall use those instead. 

New Animated statues
Name          Wax Animated Statue   Terracotta Animated Statue
No. App.      1-4                   2d10
Alignment     Unaligned             Unaligned
Intelligence  3 (Semi)              0 (Non)
Armour Class  9                     5
Hit Dice (hp) 3* (13 hp)            4* (18 hp)
Movement      90'                   60'
THAC0         17                    16
Attack        1 weapon              1 weapon
Damage        1d8 or by weapon      1d8+1 or by weapon +1
Save As       T3                    F4
Morale        12                    12
Hoard Class   nil                   nil
Size          Medium                Medium
Type          Construct             Construct
XP Value      65                    135
Wax animated statues are not very effective in combat, but they can use normal weapons in their waxy hands. They are vulnerable to fire and take double damage from fire based attacks.
Wax animated statues have one big advantage - they look life-like. When dressed appropriately a wax animated statue will be mistaken for a humanoid unless studied up close - a PC or NPC requires an Intelligence check to spot the true nature of the statue. Some wax animated statues are created to impersonate particular individuals.
Wax animated statues are considered more socially acceptable than other constructs as they appear almost human. They are often used as manservants. They have a modicum of intelligence that allows them to carry out a range of different orders.
As constructs, wax animated statues are immune to mind-affecting spells such as sleep, charm and hold, and poison and death magic.

 Terracotta Animated Statues are built for mass combat. As they are made of fired clay they are immune to all heat and cold attacks. Furthermore, while in contact with an earth or stone floor, a terracotta animated statue regenerates 2hp/rnd until destroyed (regeneration stops at 0 hp or less). They are often found standing to attention around magnificent tombs, sometimes in huge numbers. They are smaller than humans - typically 4- tall, and armed with crude but effective bronze weapons that they wield with considerable strength.
As constructs, terracotta animated statues are immune to mind-affecting spells such as sleep, charm and hold, and poison and death magic


  1. A quest to 'retrieve' an army of terracotta soldiers from the tomb of an ancient king to aid the defenders of Maquosmouth would seem to be in order!

  2. Good idea - I like it. It's nice when other folk make suggestions that enhance the work I'm doing.


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