Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Talloak Forest

The Talloak Forest is a large stretch of woodland to the north and northeast of the Godsblood Straits. It also borders on the south of Iryanland.
The Talloak Forest, like the Shorgan Forest, is virgin, dense and dangerous. There are plenty of natural predators making their homes here, as well as humanoids.
Since humans first moved into the area, there have been humanoid and demihuman tribes, including the Derelth elf clan who have been around for many centuries, leaving a number of abandoned ruins deep in the forest.
Not all the humans are civilized - the Siluri are a tribe of human barbarians who have survived in the forest independent of the Toutus Empire. They have declined since their glory days when they raided the dwarves of the Ten Peaks, but they are still found north of the Ten Peaks, and will react savagely to any civilized intruders. 
The gnolls, orcs and hobgoblins of the Talloak Forest are natives to Kaelaross - they have not come through any recent Chaos Portals. Nonetheless, they are still chaotic, dangerous and will raid other races (sometimes each other) if they think they can succeed. A number of humanoids have been subjugated by a family of green dragons led by a matriarch called Jadefury. Jadefury herself caused havoc to the Confederacy of the Ten Peaks about 75 years ago, and also raided the northern Duchy of Urdus 95 years ago. She has been quiet recently but she may be planning her next assault.

Random Encounters in the Talloak Forest (roll 1d8+1d12)
2 Green Dragon
3 Wereboar or Werebear
4 Minotaur
5 Axebeak, wild
6 Snake, Giant Pit Viper
7 Brown Bear
8 Wolf
9 Orc or Hobgoblin (DM's choice)
10 Wild Boar (1-2 in 6 chance of Giant Boar)
11 Stag (Herd Animal 2 HD) (1-2 in 6 chance of Giant Elk)
12 Wild cattle (Herd Animal 3 HD) (1-2 in 6 chance of Auroch)
13 Gnoll
14 Derelth Elves or Human Barbarian (DM's Choice)
15 Giant Spider, Black Widow
16 NPC adventurer
17 Giant Hawk or Giant Eagle (DM's choice)
18 Sprite or Pixie (DM's Choice)
19 Treant
20 Unicorn

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