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Dungeon of the Month December 2011

As Dungeon of the Month, I present to you the Abandoned Chapel of Slargor, a short dungeon for characters of levels 3-5, for use with Basic/Expert Dungeons & Dragons or Labyrinth Lord. 

This chaotic shrine to the deity of war and slaughter is located in the Godsblood Straits, on the south edge of the south-western edge of the Confederacy of the Ten Peaks, not far from the human village of Ferrian. It had been discovered, attacked and looted by adventurers 75 years ago, just before the Wars between the Empires began. Since then the cult has not returned, but other creatures have taken its place, making the chapel their lair.

  1. Antechamber: This chamber is empty apart from some inanimate skeletons left from when the chapel was sacked. Anyone entering will trigger off a magical effect - a disembodied, large mouth will appear above the double doors and warn them:
     "This area has been proscribed by the authorities of the Toutus Empire. Anyone entering here with the intention of worshipping Chaotic deities will be arrested and tried for treason, and faces death or life hard labour. Have a nice day."
  2. Main Chapel: 3 giant geckos live here (hp 12, 20, 7, stats as per rule books) This large chamber has six large columns of reddish brown marble and a dais (raised area) at the south end on top of which is a vandalised and partially demolished statue of Slargor. There is still a faint aura of Chaos about this place if anyone tries to use Detect Chaos, but there are no significant effects. The three geckos will scuttle across the ceiling among the pillars, and will attack any intruders that stay too long, or anyone on their own (they are more reluctant to attack groups of humanoids). 
  3. Store Room: This room is filled with rotten rubbish, including smashed up crates and barrels that used to hold supplies. The food that had been here has rotted away, but there are still 6 giant centipedes amongst the rubbish (hp 2 each, stats as per rulebook). 
  4. Heddreth's Lair: Heddreth is a mad cleric who has taken up residence in this chamber and will try to recruit any adventurers who don't attack him. If the PCs are able to talk to him, he has a wildly ambitious, Quixotic idea of rebuilding a massive temple here and attracting thousands of followers He, of course, would be the high priest. He hasn't had much success yet (even the bugbears next door think he's crazy) but he's sure it's only a matter of time. He has a table, chair and bed.
    Heddreth, 5th level cleric: AC 3, Move 120', HP 23, Att 1 warhammer or spell, THAC0 14, Dam 1d6+2 (warhammer) or by spell, Ml 12 (fearless), Align Chaotic, XP value
    STR 14, INT 8, WIS 16, DEX 10, CON 14, CHA 8
    Equipment: Chain Mail +1, Shield, Warhammer +1, Unholy Symbol (silver & bloodstone worth 150gp), 2 vials unholy water, 645gp, 2310sp, 2 amber gems worth 100gp each
    Spells (as per D&D): Hold Person, Silence 15' radius, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Magic
  5. Bugbear living chamber: 4 bugbears live here (hp 12, 11, 13, 17, stats as per rulebooks plus one javelin each, thrown for 1d6 damage). In this room there are a number of barrels with salted, dried meat and various animal hides hanging from the wall including the hide of a giant gecko, and a barrel with 6 spare javelins. 
  6. Bugbear dorm: There are 6 bugbears here plus (hp 16, 16, 21, 10, 16, 7, stats as per rulebooks) and 10 straw-filled mattresses. They can hear any fight happening in room 7 and will rush in to investigate. 
  7. Bugbear chief's room: The bugbear chief is a tough customer, and he has 2 bodyguard/drinking buddies. The bodyguards are as normal bugbears (hp 22, 21, as per rulebook, plus one javelin each thrown for 1d6 damage)
    Bugbear chief: AC 4, HD 5, hp 31, THAC0 14, Att 1 morning star for 2d4+1 damage, Ml 11, Align Chaotic, XP value
    The bugbear chief has a throne (carved wooden chair) underneath which is a sack with his treasure: 6200sp, 1400gp, 110pp, 3 small aquamarine gems worth 150gp each and a scroll with 3 magic-user spells - Levitate, Web and Water Breathing.
  8. Empty apart from inanimate rat skeletons. 
  9. The gray room. This room is covered both floor and walls in gray slate flagstones. There is what appears to be a pool of liquid in the middle - it is actually a gray ooze (hp 13, stats as per rulebook) that will attack anyone that approaches within striking distance. 
  10. The Undead Priest: The door to this room is locked from the inside, and an Open Doors check or Pick Locks (by a thief) is needed. Once inside there is a raised stone platform in the middle of the room on top of which are the skeletal remains of a priest of chaos, still clutching his warhammer and dressed in tattered and faded ceremonial robes. The priest is actually an undead wight (hp 15, stats as per rulebook - although it wields a warhammer, it still inflicts the standard energy drain rather than normal damage). There is a secret compartment in the stone platform (as per finding secret doors) which, if opened, releases a burst of acidic gas - all within 10' must save vs poison or suffer 2d6 damage plus temporary blindness for 1d6 turns. Once the gas has dissipated the treasure can be retrieved from the compartment (a golden amulet worth 360gp, a platinum unholy symbol of Slargor worth 600gp, a platinum and coral ring worth 300gp and a carnelian-studded silver and steel ceremonial dagger worth 450gp (non-magical but still functions as a weapon)).
    If the DM is feeling generous, the gas trap is crudely constructed - any thief trying to find and disable traps gets +25% to both rolls, but only if the thief announces he/she is doing so. 
  11. empty
  12. Ghoul Pack: 4 ghouls (hp 8, 5, 12, 13, stats as per rulebook) used to be acolytes of Chaos who were slain by the forces of Law when the chapel was sacked. They have a special hatred of lawful clerics and will target any cleric over other humanoids. 
  13. Shadows: This room is dominated by a hemisphere of magical Continual Darkness centred on a skull on the floor in the middle of the room. This may distract PCs from the corners where 2 shadows lurk (hp 7, 11, stats as per rulebooks). The skull has something rattling around in it - if the darkness is dispelled or a thief makes a successful pickpocket roll in the magical darkness a large peridot worth 700gp is found. Smashing the skull has a 50% chance of ruining the gem. 
  14. Spider Lair: This room is filled with cobwebs. Anyone entering here must make a Strength check each round or be snared as per a web spell. The webs are fairly damp, so using torches to burn them will clear a 5'x5'x5' volume per round while a pint of oil on the floor will burn away a 10'x10'x10' volume. Any disturbance of the webs attracts the attention of 2 giant black widow spiders (hp 15, 9, stats as per rulebook) who of course can move around their own cobwebs with ease. Anyone attacked while entangled in the webs suffers -4 to hit and +4 penalty to AC, with no dex bonus. 
XP for monsters calculated with Labyrinth Lord: #2 195xp, #3 36xp, #4 350xp, #5 260xp, #6 390xp, #7 330xp, #9 65xp, #10 80xp, #12 116xp, #13 94xp, #14 160xp, total = 2076xp
Treasure apart from mundane equipment and individual coins
room 4: 1226gp + magic items
room 7: 3,020gp
room 10: 1710gp
room 13: 700gp
total = 6656gp

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