Friday, 30 December 2011

A Map of Walrus City

This map is of Walrus City in the Walrus Freehold

1. The Port
1a Harbour wall and north beacon
1b South Beacon
1c Allurist Pier
1d Derriss Pier
1e Gorronor Pier
1f The Warehouses

2 Defences
2a The Citadel and Barracks
2b South Gate
2c East Gate

3 Trade and Finance
3a The Harbour Market
3b The Southgate Market
3C Bronze Street Market
3d Westgate Tax House
3e Southgate Tax House
3f The Guildhall
3g The Bank of Walrus City

4 Temples and Shrines
4a Temple of Vought the Waverider
4b Chapel of Rhondus the Protector
4c Shrine of Sturnornel the Dilligent
4d Shrine of Haaken the Beastmaster

5 Merchants Houses
5a House of Arken
5b House of Gelbrennor
5c House of Sarderozi
5d House of Hearthbreaker
5e House of Shoresighter

6 Rest and Recreation
6a The Garden of Roses
6b The Garden of Tulips
6c The Amphitheater
6d The Gruggerball Pitch

7 Inns and Taverns (also see Innkeepers of Walrus City)
7a The Worried Warlock Tavern
7b The Trollhunter Arms
7c The Black Wolf Tavern
7d The Crossed Swords Tavern
7e The Old Owl Inn
7f The Golden Dragon Inn

8 Other Locations of Note
8a Walrus City Cemetary
8b The Law Court

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