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Minotaurs of Kaelaross

The normal minotaurs of Kaelaross are physically very similar to those of other worlds such as Mystara or Greyhawk. In Kaelaross minotaurs are not natural animals - they are never female, and no young minotaurs have yet been found. They are creatures of chaos, particularly favoured by the chaos gods Slargor (god of war and bloodshed) and Skreech (goddess of insanity, berserkers and psychopaths). Most have emerged from the Planes of Chaos through the Chaos Portals into Kaelaross. A rare few are created from particularly bloodthirsty and degenerate humans who have become so brutally successful at hunting other humans that even the chaos gods notice their bloody prowess. They are "gifted" by being transformed into bestial minotaurs.

Minotaurs are often found alone - they are not the most sociable or cooperative of creatures. Even minotaur bosses and minotaur kings are rarely encountered with their minions - they tend to dominate a wide territory in which they allow other lesser minotaurs to live and hunt, and they often have only a handful (1d6) of normal minotaurs in tow. In the event of two minotaurs meeting there is a (usually non-lethal) wrestling match. Once dominance is established, the two often go their separate ways unless there is a reason to work together (such as a common foe). Violent and fatal clashes between minotaurs sometimes occur, either because of a perceived sleight to ones dominance, or just because one of them was in a bad mood and decided to take it out on another minotaur.

Stats are for Labyrinth Lord but should work for Basic/Expert D&D

Name          Normal Minotaur   Minotaur Boss   Minotaur King
No. Enc.      1d6               1               1
Alignment     Chaotic           Chaotic         Chaotic
Movement      120'              120'            120'
Armor Class   6                 4               2
Hit Dice      6                 9               12
Attack        1 weapon or       1 weapon or     1 weapon or
              1 gore/1 bite     1 gore/1 bite   1 gore/1 bite
THAC0         14                12              10
Damage        by weapon +2 or   by weapon +3 or by weapon +4 or
              1d6/1d6           1d6+1/1d6+1     1d6+2/1d6+2
Save As       F6                F9              F12
Hoard Class   XX                XX + XXI        XXII
Size          large (8' tall)   large (9' tall) huge (11' tall)
Type          humanoid          humanoid        humanoid
Intelligence  7 (low)           9 (average)     11 (very)
XP            320               1000            1200

In combat all types of minotaur can either wield a two-handed weapon such as a polearm, battleaxe or greatsword or else attack with their natural weapons - biting and goring. It is possible that they have found a magic weapon they can use. The most terrible and strongest minotaur kings occasionally wield one of Skreech's Decapitators. Normal minotaurs do not wear armour, but minotaur bosses and kings may do so. Minotaurs are excellent trackers and can follow a trail as well as any elf ranger. If tracking a bleeding creature (wounded and not fully healed), the minotaur will follow the trail without error and without hesitation.

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