Thursday, 8 May 2014

Chaotic Cleric Spells

As a sort of counterbalance to a previous post on Lawful cleric spells, I've come up with a few for the dark side. 
Although I realize that clerics were never meant to be the magical powerhouses of destruction and control that mages can be, the 1st level cleric spells still seem pretty weak. 
If you use Basic D&D, then you don't get any spells as a 1st level cleric - you have to get to 2nd level to prove yourself worthy to receive...Purify Food and Drink! Is that how foul followers of terrifying gods lure crazed worshippers into their dark cults? No, this is how they show their deity's boons. 

1st level spells for chaotic clerics

Blood Loan
Range: 30'
Duration: 1 turn per caster level
Area: 1 target
This spell grants the target a temporary extra 1d6+1 hp. The same amount of hit points are subtracted from the target at the end of the spell's duration. If this reduces the target to below 1 hp, they die as normal as they lose the borrowed life force. This spell can stack with multiple castings. Some clerics use this on their allies before a fight, then after battle they ask for vital information or oaths of loyalty before casting healing spells that save the ally's life. 

Range: Touch
Duration: 1 round per caster level
Area: 1 target
This spell grants the target a +1 to damage and also makes them unable to retreat or surrender voluntarily. They get a +2 bonus to morale checks while fighting, though they may run away if they fail a morale test. If cast on PCs, they will keep fighting until either they or the opponents are dead. While the spell is in effect, the target shouts and yells threats and obscenities at any enemies. 

2nd level spells for chaotic clerics

Aura of Shadows
Range: Caster only
Duration: 1 round per caster level
Area: Caster
This spell causes the cleric to be surrounded by wisps of dark shadows that cling to to the cleric like smoke. The Aura gives the cleric +2 to AC and +2 to saving throws, and reduces the damage of all attacks against the cleric by 1hp. 

3rd level spells for chaotic clerics

Champion of Chaos
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 turn per caster level
Area: 30' around target
This spell is like a variation of the Bless spell. It is cast on a single target who temporarily becomes a champion of chaos and exudes an aura of power and hatred. All chaotic creatures within a 30' radius around the champion of chaos gain +1 to hit and damage and saves similar to a Bless spell, and also +1 bonus to AC and +2 to morale. The champion gains +2 to hit, damage, to saving throws and AC, never needs to check morale while the spell is in effect, and visibly appears more powerful (more muscular, more ferocious).  The cleric may choose to cast the spell on himself. 

Range: 60' 
Duration: 1 turn per caster level
Area: 1 target
This spell causes the affected target to save vs spells. If they fail, they treat all allies as if they were foes and will refuse to trust them. The target may retreat and run away if outnumbered, or may attack allies if confident of victory. They will refuse any help, and any attempt to cast a spell on them will be treated as an attack. This spell can be removed by Dispel Magic and Remove Curse. 

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