Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A History of the Kingdom of Teiglin

Teiglin is a small but strong realm off the coast of Toutus. It has undergone great change since the Summoning. From being a duchy it is now an independent kingdom. From being a peninsula it has become an island. And from being a quietly prosperous realm it has turned into one of the last bastions of civilization on Toutus, fending off hordes of chaotic monsters emerging from its former capital, Erkhart.

Teiglin had become part of the Toutus Empire early on, being colonized around 860 BY. As the Toutus Empire grew, the Duchy of Teiglin became more and more integrated politically and economically.
During the wars between the Empires, Teiglin suffered brief raids from both Bursia and Bellenos, but did not suffer the extensive invasion and plundering that some realms endured.
When Bhael emerged and rampaged across the face of Kaelaross, Teiglin was severely shaken when Bhael teleported into Erkhart, the Ducal capital, killed several hundred people on a whim, created one of his dreaded Chaos Portals and then magically departed to cause havoc elsewhere. Although some officials and a number of the ducal guards were killed, the Duke, his family and most of his advisors evacuated from Erkhart to Thaldion, which is now the capital of Teiglin.
Defences were hastily erected in Glensor and Bauglir baronies and all males of fighting age were given weapons and mustered

However, more was to come – a week later Bhael appeared to the east of Teiglin over the town of Ermish, this time in furious battle with the Lawful gods Adonor and Rhondus. During this cataclysmic battle the isthmus that Ermish was on was pushed beneath the sea, creating the Godsblood Straits and turning Teiglin from a peninsula into an island. Soon after the news of the collapse of the Toutus Empire, the Duke declared himself King of Teiglin.

Things have been relatively stable, though in BY 1595 there was an attempt to retake Erkhart. Teiglin launched a large military offensive into the lands of Chaos, straight towards Erkhart. However, the forces of Chaos were stronger than they had anticipated. Crucially, when the vanguard fought their way into the heart of Erkhart, they found they could not close the Chaos Portal. The offensive was thrown back into disarray and the only thing to show for the effort and spent lives was the capture of an old fort in the borderlands which was renamed Castellan Keep, and is still the easternmost outpost of Teiglin today.

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