Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Optional Class - The Elven Ranger

The Elven Ranger:
Requirements: Strength 9+, Dexterity 9+
Restrictions: Elven Rangers can only use leather armour if they want to use their special abilities.
Elven Rangers can use any weapon
Saving Throws: Elven Rangers save as Thieves
Racial Abilities: As an elf, an elven ranger has the following abilities
            Infravision: An elven ranger can see in the dark up to 60ft.
            Immunity to Ghoul Paralysis
            Detect Secret Doors
Class Abilities
            Bonus with Longbow: Elven rangers gain +1 to hit with longbows and arrows.
            Hide in Wild: This is similar to a thief’s Hide in Shadows ability, but works better outdoors rather than in dungeons or buildings.
            Move Silently: This is the same as a thief’s Move Silent ability.
            Climb in Wild: This is similar to a thief’s Climb Walls ability, but works better outdoors rather than in dungeons or buildings.
            Tracking: This ability allows an elven ranger to follow a creature’s tracks even some time after it has passed.
Note that Hide in Wild, Move Silently, Climb in Wild and Tracking may all be subject to modifiers by the DM according to how difficult or easy the circumstances are.  These abilities also cannot be performed while wearing scale mail or heavier armour: only leather armour or no armour may be worn while using these abilities.

The elven rangers are the hunters and foresters of elven communities. Skilled in the use of longbows and stealthy as panthers, elven rangers stalk and ambush their enemies form the undergrowth or branches of their forest hom. Their skills make them good scouts and spies, especially in wilderness areas.

Elven rangers make excellent adventurers, combining the range of weapons available to human fighters with the stealth and skill of a thief adapted to a wild environment. Elven rangers usually stay with their community of elves but those who go adventuring usually do so out of curiosity and for the excitement. Some return to their elven tribes, more experienced about the rest of the world than before. Due to their stealthy and subtle instincts, elven rangers tend to be quiet, even introverted: few seek fame and glory.

Although lawful and chaotic elven rangers are known, most elven rangers are neutral in alignment. Rigid laws and codes of conduct seem inappropriate in the harsh and often surprising wilds, yet there is enough harmony and balance in nature that the destructive and uncaring philosophy of Chaos often leaves a trail of damage that rangers do not like.

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    I did a 3e inspired version of the Elven ranger. It seems like such a natural class to have available.


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