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Towns and Baronies of Teiglin - Bauglir

The Kingdom of Teiglin is split up into eight baronies, each centred around a town which gives the barony its name and is usually the seat of power for the baron. See the map of Teiglin for the context of this blog

The Barony of Bauglir is the most dangerous and most profitable for adventurers - it is on the border with the lands overrun by the forces of Chaos, and as such many of the King's own troops are stationed here to bolster the garrison. Whereas most baronies require 1 in 20 men to train as militia, in Bauglir this is raised to 1 in 5. Nonetheless raids by monsters and human bandits sometimes slip through the frontier to cause havoc and destruction.
It is the only barony that is land-locked, though the Foulflow River can carry large boats and barges to Mussel Bay.
Bauglir Barony has a population of 20,000 folk, mostly human but with some elves (1000) and halflings (1500) as well. The Foulflow river valley is fertile, and in the more peaceful areas there is much agriculture, including cattle, sheep and vegetables. Many talented chefs and cooks have been raised in Bauglir, and some interesting and tasty recipes have been created there, including Bauglir Pie (similar to Shepherd's Pie, but incorporating the unusually large cabbages that grow along the Foulflow).

The Town of Bauglir is home to 4200 folk. It now has extensive earthworks and wooden pallisades around it - the defences were started during the Wars between the Empires, and have been maintained since the fall of eastern Teiglin in the Summoning. The town council want to raise taxes, especially among adventurers laden with loot, to fund the building of proper stone walls, but the baron doesn't want to raise taxes so high that people avoid the town. The town of Bauglir has grown considerably due to refugees from Erkhart, Bladevale and other places overrun by chaotic monsters during the Summoning. The town has done its best to absorb these refugees, but there is a certain sense among the older families of Bauglir that the newcomers aren't pulling their weight.
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Firebright Keep is both a frontier fort and also a base for adventurers. Before the wars the keep was a wizard's tower where the archmage Valderin and his students lived. During the wars Valderin allowed the King of Teiglin to station troops and improve the physical defences (at the King's expense), as long as Valderin and his students stayed and practiced their magic there. Although Valderin has passed away (due to his strange philosophy he refused potions of Longevity), the students have stayed on as the Circle of Firebright Keep, and some of them have students of their own.
The keep is on a high hill overlooking the Foulflow River, and on the banks there is a small village where barges and boats can moor and load or unload trade goods. Brave traders will use Firebright Keep as a stop on their way to Castellan Keep in the borderlands.
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Parnsus is a small village of 720 folk, about half of whom are halflings, the rest being human. Parnsus is vulnerable, and the villagers know it. They are uncomfortably close to both the Toadspawn Swamp and the borderlands. The village has a wooden pallisade, a garrison of 20 royal troops and 60 local militia but compared to the hordes of humanoids to the east or the lizardmen in the swamp, this is not much defence. It has been joked that refugees fleeing from Brasstooth and Semendia stopped in Parnsus to catch their breath, took a look around and continued running westwards.
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