Monday, 28 March 2011

Optional Rule - The Halfling Scout

The Halfling class, as presented in the Labyrinth Lord rules is known in Kaelaross as the halfling scout. In most respects they are just like halfling adventurers from other worlds (i.e. they use the same rules and progression table). However, they are able to go further in power and experience:

Halfling    |  Minimum |           |
Scout Level |   XP     |  Hit Dice |  Special Ability
8           | 130,001  |    8d6    | 
9           | 240,001  |    9d6    |  Dodging Death
10          | 360,001  |    9d6+2* |  
11          | 480,001  |    9d6+4* |  Lethal Shot
12          | 600,001  |    9d6+6* |    
* Constitution adjustments no longer apply 

Special abilities
Dodging Death: When faced with a saving throw to take half damage from an attack (whether a spell, dragon's breath or trap) the halfling scout takes only half damage if he fails, and only a quarter damage (rounded down) if he succeeds in his saving throw. 

Lethal Shot: The halfling scout is remarkably effective at finding the enemies' weak spots with missile weapons. The halfling scout gets his dexterity bonus added to damage done with missile weapons (whether thrown or from a sling or bow).

I have added these extra levels because I feel that halflings, being confined to 8 levels, aren't taken seriously once characters reach name level. There is the whole debate in AD&D about whether it is right to limit the levels of demihumans at all, but in classic D&D, where race=class, the demihumans simply don't follow the same path as humans, and the higher levels are not mapped out for demihumans, and as such once human characters reach levels 14 and upwards, demihumans become sort of redundant, not quite able to compete at the same power levels. I guess these extra levels for halflings are not a complete answer to this problem, but a step in what I believe is the right direction.

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