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Rulers of Teiglin part 1

Thestor II, King of Teiglin
3rd level magic user, alignment Lawful, age 40, gender male
Str 10, Int 15, Wis 14, Dex 10, Con 12, Cha 10
AC 2, Move 120',  HP 7, THAC0 17, Damage 1d4+2,
Equipment: Dagger +2, Ring of Protection +3, Bracers of Armour AC 5
Spells: Magic Missile, Shield, Web
Thestor is the King of Teiglin, and is now getting used to the role after 10 years. He is quite adept at administration and law-making, and chooses competent advisors and deputies. However, he is not particularly charming or impressive, and some people say he is rather boring.Thestor has considerable interest in magic and wizardry, and has some ability as a mage himself.
Description: Thestor is 5'6", with thinning ginger hair and a bald patch on top. He is slightly podgy and his face is quite unremarkable. He wears clothes (usually robes) that are smart but never extravagant or impressive, and usually leaves the crown in his chambers except when on official business.

Baron Delphinius of Tredgor
10th level fighter, alignment Neutral, age 35, gender male
Str 16, Int 11, Wis 10, Dex 13, Con 14, Cha 16
AC 0, Move 120', HP 56, THAC0 8, Damage 1d10+4
Equipment: Plate Mail +2, Polearm +2 +4 vs giants, Boots of Levitation
Baron Delphinius is sometimes entrusted as the Marshal of Teiglin's armies. He is powerful, dashing, heroic, handsome and loud-mouthed, all in contrast to King Thestor II. He is not particularly clever or diplomatic. Although left to his own thoughts, he would be quite happy where he is, some in his court have whispered that he is much more impressive and imposing than the current king, and perhaps Delphinius would make a better king. Although Delphinius has not done anything, he has begun to listen to such chatter, and toyed with some very dangerous ideas.
Description: Delphinius is 6'2" tall, 200lb and muscular. He has dark hair, tanned skin, handsome features and a well-groomed mustache. He wears his armour far more often than is necessary.

Mellith Temeraine, Chieftain of the Elves of the Shorgan Forest, Baron of Glensor
8th level Elf Spellsword, alignment Lawful, age 144, gender male
Str 14, Int 13, Wis 14, Dex 10, Con 10, Cha 13
AC 0, Move 120', THAC0 10, Dam 1d8+4
Equipment: Chain Mail +2, Longsword +3, Shield +2, Medallion of Thoughts
Mellith Temeraine is the chieftain of Glensor, and as such makes it his responsibility to keep his people safe. He views humans with mixed feelings - they brought about the recent wars and the terrible Summoning, but he has also seen them fight with exceptional bravery against the hordes of Chaos. He views the Shorgan Forest as primarily elven territory, but not necessarily elven responsibility. Although he acknowledges the King of Teiglin as his superior, Mellith is reluctant to take direct orders from Thaldion. Fortunately Thestor II lets Mellith and his elves do their own thing except in emergencies.
Description: Mellith is 5'1" tall, weighing 100lb and with pale skin and snow white hair (but obviously not from aging). Mellith typically wears traditional elven robes and a circlet signifying his office, but if he is expecting trouble he will have his chain mail and sword underneath his robes.

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