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Notable adventure sites close to Teiglin

When I created Kaelaross, I was somewhat influenced by computer games like World of Warcraft where different areas have different levels of difficulty - simplistic and probably not realistic, but quite convenient as well. Teiglin was designated the starting area, and I have geared it towards character levels 1-5, after which PCs are ready to move on to newer, more dangerous areas such as the Godsblood Straits. This is by no means an absolute rule, and if DMs want to throw in some tougher threats, that's up to them.

Some of the notable locations for adventures include:

 Castellan Keep is the outpost of the Kingdom of Teiglin in the border lands between the kingdom and the lands under the shadow of Chaos. It is a product of a botched attempt to retake Erkhart, and is now a favoured base of operations for adventurers. It is nicknamed “the Keep on the Borderlands” as it is the only settlement to be well outside the baronies.

Haven is a mystical realm that is only about a square mile in size that is effectively independent from Teiglin, though it pays nominal fealty to the King. Rumour has it that Haven was ruled by Princess Argenta, “the Silver Princess”, but that recently the palace at the heart of the realm has been taken over by powerful chaotic forces centered on an artifact of evil, the Eye of Arik.

Quasqueton is the abandoned underground stronghold of two powerful adventurers, the wizard Zellighar the Unknown and the warrior Rohgan the Fearless. The pair had become famous before the outbreak of the Wars between the Empires, and they left to fight in the wars. They never returned, and are presumed dead. Their mysterious lair Quasqueton is known to hold great treasure, vicious monsters and strange traps. 

Semendia - Just outside this place is a hill with a ruined monastery, the lair of the Hobgoblin King. The rest of the town is ruined. Monsters in the ruins include hobgoblin and bugbear allies of the hobgoblin king. 

Warlock Harbour is a ruined port that used gems that had magical powers to repair damaged ships anchored in its docks. It was attacked during the wars between the Empires by a team of wizards and clerics from Bellenos who slew the mages that operated the port and stole the gems but the raiders themselves ran afoul of storms and angry water elementals, and the ship with the gems sank just outside the harbour. The king and admirals of Teiglin would look kindly upon anyone who retrieved the gems and enabled ships to be magically  repaired in the docks again. 

Myrall Keep is a ruined castle that for many years was in the possession of the Myrallis family, dangerous and subtle mages who the Toutus authorities suspected of trafficking with forces of Chaos but never proved. They created extensive laboratories, catacombs and barracks underneath their castle, and often brought charmed, enslaved or subdued monsters into their castle. About 100 years ago in BY 1505 there was some sort of disaster underground that was covered up. Henchmen, guards, servants and a few Myrallis family members fled the Keep. The then-duke of Teiglin ordered the underground levels to be sealed off, and a small garrison of Teiglin troops maintained the surface castle until the wars between the Empires in 1560. The Keep was attacked and overwhelmed by raiders from Bursia, but they unleashed something from the dungeon levels, and the survivors, both Teiglin defenders and Bursian raiders, fled the Keep in terror.

Erkhart is the former capital of Teiglin, and now the source of its greatest menace, the Chaos Portal, created by Bhael during his rampage across Kaelaross. A steady stream of chaotic monsters (humanoid, undead and other types) emerge from the portal to plague the lands in the area. The question of how to close the Chaos Portal has puzzled and frustrated the scholars who escaped the city but many agree that powerful clerical magic is the best solution. There had been a major attempt to retake Erkhart before, but that failed because the soldiers and adventurers of Teiglin could not actually close the portal. The city is now ruined, with bugbears, ogres and minotaurs being the dominant humanoids.

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