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Towns and Baronies of Teiglin - Alvenir and Brandir

See the map of Teiglin to put this entry into context.
Alvenir Barony is probably the quietest and safest barony in Teiglin. There is lots of fishing and agriculture, as well as horse breeding and wool production. Alvenir has a population of 18000, and this includes a sizable population of 6000 halflings here. The local militia is 350 strong - not the largest, but patrols against bandits, pirates and (more recently) giant insects from the Hawk Woods has meant that the Alvenir Militia is experienced, if not exactly battle-hardened.

Alvenir Town (population 3800) was attacked by raiders from Bursia – there is a ruined old town hall left in the centre of town as a reminder of the wars. There is also a large and important temple of Sturnornel (Goddess of agriculture and hard work). The market square which is next to the ruined town hall is popular and farmers, traders and craftsmen from not just Alvenir Barony but also Tredgor Barony and eastern Thaldion will visit the market to buy or sell goods of the best quality in Teiglin. 

Castle Caldwell (pop 150) is a village and small keep that was attacked and sacked during the wars between the Empires. The village has since recovered but the castle has remained empty. Recently a wealthy merchant bought rights to the castle, a modest, one-storey keep, but fears it is infested with vermin or worse.

Troutmarket is a fishing village of 220 people on the west coast, approximately west of Alvenir town. The village would be unremarkable were it not for the shady merchants and ships that occasionally meet there to do business. Troutmarket is actually an important nexus for a criminal organisation called The Red Hand, and the merchants are only partially legitimate - they will often buy and sell from pirates and brigands, acting as fences who make a decent profit. The Red Hand are at pains to keep this quiet and low-key - no raiding or pillaging while the Red Hand is around.

The Hawk Woods are a small area of woodland in northern Alvenir. The  woods were famed for their large predatory hawks that would hunt small deer, sheep, goats and the occasional halfling. However, a greater menace has arisen in the woods since the summoning - giant ants, beetles and other arthropods. They seem to have appeared from nowhere and taken over the woods, driving out many vertebrate wildlife. Adventurers who have entered have reported a huge ants nest built on what was once a wizard's tower. The top of the tower still pokes out from the top of the mound. Sages have speculated that the root cause of the insect infestation may be within the tower or its basement.

Brandir Barony is considered safe and a bit boring, but quite populous (22,000 folks, mostly human and also 2000 halflings). Its wide pastures are ideal for raising cattle for milk, beef and leather. The Wirrian River is both the barony’s boundary and its main artery, carrying trade from Stelmit through Brandir Town and into Mussel Bay. Thanks to the efforts of the Baroness, the barony has good roads and other infrastructure, and trade is easy and common. The Brandir Militia is not held in high regard by other soldiers of Teiglin and, despite being 700 strong when fully mustered, they have seen little action either inside the county or outside.

Brandir Town (pop 4800) has become the centre of learning in Teiglin since the Summoning, when dozens of scholars used a magical carpet to evacuate the Erkhart College. The owner of the flying carpet had a second residence in Brandir Town to which the carpet would intuitively navigate, so as many scholars and books as could be saved were brought to Brandir where they have settled. On a darker note, a band of thieves has made its home in the cellars of a ruined house in the merchant quarter. The leader of the thieves is a member of the Red Hand organisation, but the other thieves are unaware of this and simply carry out burglaries, pick-pocketting in the market and the occasional armed robbery.
Kathain is a village on the mouth of the Wirrian River where it spills into Mussel Bay. Kathain is unremarkable, with a population of 520. However, it has a dark secret - the family of inn-keepers are not the normal humans they appear to be but are devil-swine. The devil-swine will often prey on livestock in the surrounding countryside, but are careful not to attack locals. Visitors passing through the inn are far less likely to be missed, so the devil-swine are perfectly positioned to ambush unwary guests late at night. 

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