Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Towns and Baronies of Teiglin: Glensor

Glensor is the barony on the border between the Kingdom of Teiglin and the Shorgan Forest as you can see in this map. It includes some of the Shorgan Forest and is sparsely populated in comparison with the other baronies - only 6000 people dwell in Glensor (3300 elves, 2500 humans and a smattering of other races). The humans are clustered around the villages and the town of Glensor, while the elves are more at home in the woodlands.

In the event of war, the humans muster into squads of militia, but it is the elves who are the backbone of Glensor's defence, with both elven rangers and elven spellswords joining in any fight, usually in a loose, skirmishing formation that takes advantage of the woodland terrain.

The town of Glensor is quite small - only 1200 inhabitants. It is built among great trees, and many of the more adventurous elves have built their wooden homes in the forks of the great boughs. The humans, and some of the elves, have built more conventional stone and timber buildings on the ground, but even these are beautiful and artistic. Nearby the elves tend orchards of many different fruits, and these are turned into a variety of jams, pickles or fermented drinks. Glensor plum wine and plum brandy are considered delicacies across Teiglin, and before the war it was exported across Toutus.

The village of Elfmeet, as the name suggests, is a trading post between elves and humans that has developed into a substantial settlement of 560 folk. It sits on an important junction between Glensor town, the town of Bauglir, the capital Thaldion and the village-port of Greenport, and so it sees a lot of trade traffic. The village is the home to a powerful merchant of considerable magical ability who has been known to charge protection money for safe passage of rivals' caravans.

Haven is a strange, almost magical realm that is ruled by a mysterious figure known as the Silver Princess. Haven includes a small villlage of about 150 people, but it is dominated by the great palace, a multi-leveled and ornate structure. However, it is worrying that nobody has been able to get into or out of the palace for a while due to some terrible enchantment.

To the east of Glensor, on the way to Firebright Keep and Castellan Keep, there is the village of Iridell. This is considerably more fortified, with a pallisade and several stone watchtowers, than the other settlements of Glensor. Iridell sits on the three-way corner of the Kingdom of Teiglin, the Chaos-haunted borderlands and the wilderness of the Shorgan Forest. It is inhabited mostly by elves (about 160 of them) but other races are welcome as long as they behave themselves. Adventurers are tolerated as long as there is no bother, but any trouble and the miscreants will find out just how powerful and dangerous some of those elves can be.

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