Monday, 4 April 2011

Overview of Demihuman Classes in Kaelaross

Although Classic D&D/LL is wonderfully simple, its simplicity can lead to loss of diversity. This is particularly true with characters choosing either a demihuman race OR a human class. The idea that your race is your class is something almost unique to Classic D&D, yet I can find it frustrating.
Most D&D editions separate class from race - all races can become fighters or thieves, most can become clerics and a few can become magic users.
I have decided to take a different route - I introduce new racial classes.

Humans retain their four classes - Fighter, Cleric, Magic User, Thief

Dwarves have classes most similar to humans:
"Regular" dwarves from the rules are known as Dwarf Warriors and are basically unchanged.
Dwarf Clerics are introduced in this post.

Elves have two classes
"Regular" elves fom the rules are known as Elf Spellswords and are basically unchanged.
Elf Rangers are introduced in this post. However, if you don't like my version, there is also a rather good Elf Archer class posted by Blood Axe on the Goblinoid Games Forum which I considered borrowing.

Halflings have changed the most
"Regular" halflings are known as Halfling Scouts, and in this post they are given the option of advancing further. However, from levels 1-8 they are basically unchanged.
Halfling Defenders are a new class that combine the prowess of fighters and the supporting spells of clerics.

I recognise that this post takes Kaelaross several steps away from original Classic D&D and some people won't like it. Nonetheless, I believe it is a good thing to do, to make demihumans more diverse and give their communities and cultures more depth and color. The more observant of you will notice that now each demihuman race has one spellcasting class and one non-magical class.

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