Thursday, 14 July 2011

Deities of Kaelaross part 4

For a complete listing of the Kaelaross Pantheon see Deities of Kaelaross part 1

Caralax, Lawful Goddess of Truth, Honesty and Knowledge
Symbol: White Candle & Golden Flame
Caralax is popular among those who stand for the truth and must battle against deceit and illusion. Detectives and investigators, as well as some merchants and academics, pay homage to her. She is the vigilant foe of Pelepton and hidden cults of chaos. Her followers take care in confessing their sins so that they have no hidden shame - if they hold back and do not speak about something they have done wrong, it becomes a lot more serious. 

Sestarna, Lawful Goddess of Hope, Life, Healing and the Sun
Symbol: Golden Sunburst
Sestarna is the goddess for those who look for improvement and better days ahead, as well as getting through bad days. As her followers would say: “Where there’s life, there’s hope. So long as the sun still shines there is hope. As long as Sestarna watches over us, there is hope.” She is also the goddess of healing, and many hospitals and healers hold Sestarna in high regard. Some of her clerics will set up and run hospitals, orphanages and homeless shelters though this is not obligatory.

Borelia, Neutral Goddess of the Stars, Travelling, the Planes & Navigation
Symbol: Silver Star on black background
Borelia is popular among travellers, both mundane and magical. Merchants, explorers and messengers are all worshippers of Borelia. Clerics of Borelia are capable astronomers, and prefer to use the stars for navigation than magnetic compasses. Planar travellers will often pray to her for guidance and safety and the more powerful and experienced of her clerics have explored some of the planes of existence. Nearly all of her clerics travel from one city to another every couple of years - she has established shrines and temples, but the clergy at each one will turn over every two or three years. 

Derlona, Neutral Goddess of the Air, the Sky & Birds
Symbol: Blue Eagle
Derlona is not often worshipped by humans, though intelligent flying beings hold her in high regard, such as giant eagles. Those who rely on winds or good weather, especially sailors and millers with windmills will also show respect to her. She has a grand palace of solid cloud  on the Elemental Plane of Air, where she is served by numerous neutral (not chaotic) djinn and cloud giants. She is one of the four elemental deities. It is said that although she and her sister Vought are normally on good terms, the mischievous Havok will stir things up, resulting in terrible tempests as air and water clash. 

Skreech, Chaotic Goddess of Berserkers, Insanity & Psychopaths
Symbol: Double-edged axe
Few sane creatures worship Skreech, who is insanely destructive to all creatures and most inanimate objects she meets. A few trolls, ogres and human berserkers from the north utter prayers to her before battle, but even they do not seek her attention except when violence is imminent. Skreech is  also held responsible for other forms of insanity, such as  paranoia, psychosis and split personalities, and those who work in lunatic asylums occasionally try to placate her. This can backfire horribly, and those who attract her attention may be inflicted with an uncontrolled homicidal rage.

Torthola, Chaotic Goddess of Fire, Hatred, Malice & Vengeance
Symbol: Iron brazier filled with flaming coals
Torthola is the last of the elemental deities (the others being Valgar for Earth, Derlona for Air and Vought for Water), and is the only chaotic one. She is unpredictable, angry, destructive and hates anyone who worships her elemental siblings without putting her first. She is the favoured deity of various fire-dwelling monsters, including fire giants and red dragons, as well as human and demihuman pyromaniacs and those consumed by vengeance and hatred.

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