Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Ruling council of Ironmarket

Ironmarket is ruled by a council of 10 councillors overseen by the Mayor of Ironmarket. Although treated in some ways as the ruler of Ironmarket, the Mayor is more like its figurehead - no more power than most of the other councillors. He does chair the council meetings and gets to vote with the other councillors when a decision is made.
The councillors are as follows:
The Mayor of Ironmarket - Thandris Geddarris (5th level fighter, lawful, male) - seeks to expand Ironmarket's influence and contacts in the remains of the Toutus Empire, such as trade with Teiglin and Sterin Barony.
The Guildhall Representative - Carmina Delacross (6th level thief, unaligned, female) - opportunistic and cynical, always looking to expand her powerbase, perhaps becoming the next mayor.
The Colonel of the Town Guard - Pendrall Dragonslayer (9th level fighter, lawful, male) - excellent on the battlefield but out of his depth in politics. He is loyal to the mayor Thandris, and will nearly always support him.
The Town Treasurer - Serena Firefly (4th level magic user, neutral, female) - takes her role very seriously and thinks that money should be the council's top priority. Not popular but grudgingly respected.
The Town Judge - Drubbal Hestick (8th level cleric, lawful, female) - Always vigilant against more subtle threats against the town. She will ask adventurers to investigate chaos cultists, thieves gangs and foreign agents.
The Farmers' Representative - Yesper Earthfoot (4th level halfling scout, neutral, male) - Informally the representative of halflings. Likes to remind the council that their responsibility goes beyond the city walls.
The Merchants' Representative - Gaellian the Prince (6th level fighter, unaligned, male) - Seeks to use his position on the council to further his own business. Doesn't give a damn about other merchants.
The Clerics' Representative - Vorbber Monkhood (8th level cleric, neutral, male) -Not assertive or loud, but very observant and intelligent. More likely to keep an eye on other councillors than tell them what to do.
The Mages' Representative - Esperanzii (8th level magic user, neutral, female) - Takes the long term view for both mages and the town as a whole. Usually supports the mayor Thandris.
The Town Architect - Bannador Copperring (5th level dwarf warrior, neutral, male) - Always asking for more funds and thinking up new building projects. Resents Serena for being tight-fisted.
The Refugees' Representative - Nellii Cammomile (5th level halfling defender, lawful, female) - At her best she is compassionate and enthusiastic - at her worst she is sentimental and unrealistic.

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