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NPCs of Bauglir

The following folks are all found in or around the town of Bauglir in Teiglin.  

1st level fighter, alignment neutral, male, age 20
Str 14, Int 13, Wis 7, Dex 9, Con 11, Cha 11
AC 4, Move 90', hp 6, THAC0 18, Att 1 sword for 1d8+1
Equipment: Chain mail, shield, sword, 4 javelins, backpack
Cadgit is a bodyguard who works in and around Bauglir. He does not have a great deal of experience, but is brave and reliable so he often finds work with merchants and minor nobles. He is both sexist (he doesn't approve of women getting into fights) and dislikes magic and wizards, so he is not suited to every client. Nonetheless he is interested in getting involved in adventuring and is considering becoming a henchman to a great and noble adventurer.
Appearance: Cadgit is 5'9", 160lb and red-headed, with an unattractive face and bulbous nose. He has a tendency to wear bright red clothing.

Darius Swiftblade
9th level halfling scout, alignment lawful, male, age 70
Str 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Dex 13, Con 11, Cha 14
AC 1, Move 120', hp 33, THAC0 10, Att 1 shortsword for 1d6+3
Equipment: Chain Mail +2, shortsword +2, dagger +1, ring of protection +1, cloak of displacement
Darius Swiftblade is the spokesman and champion of halflings in Bauglir. He is a renowned hero among halflings in Teiglin, having slain a whole gang of halfling-eating giants. Like all halflings he enjoys his food and is now getting overweight. Unlike some halflings who are proud of their paunch, he is not happy and is quite sensitive about the issue.
Darius is 3'4", 90lb and has tanned skin and dark brown hair, including sideburns and mustache. He usually wears smart town-clothes except when expecting trouble (when he dons his armour).

Haskari the Sage
5th level magic user, alignment unaligned, female, age 78
Str 5, Int 17, Wis 11, Dex 8, Con 8, Cha 12
AC 9, Move 60', hp 7, THAC0 20, Att 1 dagger for 1d4-2
Equipment: Dagger, magic-user robes
Spells memorized: Dispel Magic, Phantasmal Force, Invisibility, Read Magic, Detect Magic
Haskari is the pre-eminent sage in Bauglir. She is a shrewd business woman and requires payment before she dispenses any advice. She is fond of food and drink and may accept payment in the form of fine wine or expensive chocolates. She also requires respect and good manners from clients - she is a prim and proper woman. Her area of expertise is history and geography of the four empires.
Appearance: Haskari is a frail old woman, 5'4", 110lb with silver-grey hair and pronounced bone structure (cheeks, nose and chin). She is usually wrapped up warm in gowns and shawls, even when most people find it warm enough for a single layer of clothes.

Sir Alderaan
4th level fighter, align Lawful, male, age 30
Str 15, Int 10, Wis 10, Dex 9, Con 13, Cha 12
AC 2, Move 90', HP 24, THAC0 14, Att 1 sword for 1d8+2
Equipment: Plate Mail, Shield, Sword +1,  Warhorse, Lance
Sir Alderaan is a knight originally from central Toutus who arrived in Teiglin two years ago. He is a knight-in-training of the Knight Protectors of Toutus - he has not yet become a full knight. He hopes to gather support for his order in and around Bauglir but so far has not had much success. In fact he himself is beginning to doubt his loyalty to the order, as he has seen many folks fighting back the hordes of chaos without worrying about the Toutus Empire. His encounters with the Shining Blades has him thinking about joining that order instead.
Appearance: Sir Alderaan is  6'2", 200lb and handsome, with tanned skin, black hair and a shining smile that makes all the girls giggle. He often wears his armour even when about town.

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