Monday, 11 July 2011

A map of the Walrus Freehold

An overview of the Walrus Freehold region can be found here. The Walrus Freehold sits in the north-western corner of the Toutus Empire.

The four main cities of the Walrus Freehold are described here:
Walrus City (inc. Balkint, Pordril and Heragon)
Trislem (inc. Challex, Zegred Keep and Cheligren)
Stalim (inc. Hurin Castle)
Najask (inc. Fjordport, Teryxton and Untheris)

The areas of wilderness are described here:
The Walrus Channel, 
Griffon Island and Errisha Island
The Grulven Mountains (inc. dwarf settlements)
The Twisted Hills 
The Twilight Forest (including elf clans)
The Orgrist Hills and Cortacus Mountains (inc. the Goldseeker Clan) which are part of the island-continent of Cortacus

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