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NPCs of Parnsus

These NPCs are all found in the village of Parnsus, northeast Bauglir next to the Toadspawn Swamp in Teiglin. 

Father Linusk
3rd level cleric, alignment lawful, age 66, gender male
Str 10, Int 10, Wis 16, Dex 11, Con 13, Cha 12
AC 7, Move 120', hp 15, THAC0 19, Att 1 staff for 1d6
Equipment: Staff of Healing, Leather armour, holy symbol, 3 flasks of holy water
Spells: Detect Evil, Purify Food & Drink, Hold Person
Father Linusk is the local priest of Rhondus in the village of Parnsus is Bauglir barony. He is crotchety and dismissive of adventuring, but he will help if asked nicely. Father Linusk knows about Brasstooth, Myrall Keep and Semendia as he fled the area as it was attacked by chaotic monsters 50 years ago.
Description: Father Linusk is an old man, 5'6" and 140lb. He has silver-grey hair including a large drooping moustache, and has intense grey eyes that seem to see through any lies or nonsense. He wears clerical vestments over the top of close-fitting leather armour, even when around the village.

2nd level Elven Ranger, align Lawful, age 111, gender male
Str 14, Int 8, Wis 13, Dex 16, Con 10, Cha 10
AC 5, move 120', 14 hp, THAC0 18 melee or 16 missile, Att 1 sword for 1d8+1 or 1 arrow for 1d6, Sneak in wild 25% Climb in Wild 82% Tracking 52%
Equipment: Leather Armour, longbow, quiver +20 arrows, sword, backpack, tinderbox, lantern, 3 oil flasks, water bottle, bedroll, 40' rope
Isandellis is the local scout around Parnsus and he has made it his job to keep an eye on possible threats. He is familiar with the surrounding countryside including the swamp and the abandoned road to Myrall Keep and Semendia. He has attached himself to the Church of Rhondus and is friendly with Father Linusk. He used to live in Glensor but had to leave after a failed romance that he will not speak of, but will often sigh for no apparent reason or start reciting elven poetry of unrequited love.
Description: Isandellis is a typical elf, 5'0" tall, weighing 100lb and with blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin and pointy ears. On adventures and scouting he prefers his elven leather armour which is dyed different shades of green. When around the village he will wear human rather than elfin garments. 

Kormack Hammerhelg
2nd level Dwarf Warrior, align Lawful, age 100, gender male
 Str 16, Int 8, Wis 10, Dex 10, Con 16, Cha 8
AC 5, move 90', hp 15, THAC0 16, Att 1 hammer for 1d6+3
Equipment: Chain mail, warhammer/blacksmith hammer +1,
Kormack owns and runs the blacksmith shop in Parnsus in Bauglir. Kormack hates lizardmen because a band of them attacked him and his adventuring companions over five years ago and several friends died. He stopped adventuring after that. He wields a magical hammer that functions as both a warhammer and as a blacksmith's hammer - he swears it helps him produce better metalwork than with any other hammer.
Description: Kormack is 4'2", broad and muscular as an ox, and with jet black hair which he keeps cropped short. He has a large bald patch on top that meets up with his forehead and unlike some dwarves he keeps his beard as a goatee (albeit a long goatee that reaches his chest)

3rd level elf spellsword, align Neutral, age 129, gender female
Str 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Dex 8, Con 10, Cha 16
AC 3, move 90', hp 10, THAC0
Equipment: Plate mail, Longsword, shield, 3 javelins, ring of water walking, backpack, wineskin, bedroll
Spells: Web, Detect Magic, Sleep
Servelos explores the borderlands beyond Bauglir, including Toadspawn Swamp where her ring proves useful. Servelos is interested in acquiring magic items and new spells in spellbooks, and she may team up with adventurers to do so. She has been on several expeditions with Isandellis but finds him a bit mopey and depressing. Servelos is a very beautiful elf, and she knows it, and she sometimes uses her feminine charms to get what she wants, or to otherwise influence male characters. She has joked about getting a chainmail bikini, but has not worn one yet - she is very practical when it comes to combat and plate mail suits her fine.
Description: Servelos looks like the poster girl for elves. She has long auburn hair, slanted blue eyes and is 5'0", 90lb and beautifully slim. She usually wears the clothes of a noblewoman, rich silken gowns and robes. When going out into the borderlands she will wear her sturdy and unglamorous plate mail.

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