Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Demons in Kaelaross

While the Planes of Chaos hold many creatures both terrifying and deadly, none of them can be described as the epitome of Chaos in the same way that demons can. They are primarily spiritual creatures that are capable of taking material form.
Demons usually represent emotions or situations that affect mortals, especially those that damage their souls. Whereas other chaotic creatures may feed on flesh and blood, demons feed on the spiritual darkness that comes from damaged souls, particularly negative emotions and mindsets, such as fear, hatred, greed, arrogance, rage and the like.
Demons are generally not created by chaotic deities (although a deity certainly could if they so wanted). They will assist and associate with deities who share a common outlook or ideas. Those scholars who risk their sanity and their souls by studying demons generally classify demons by which chaotic deity they are most closely associated with.

Demons of Havok
  Plague Demon
  Storm Demon
  Furious Demon
  Quake Demon

Demons of Bhael
  Terror Demon
  Paranoia Demon
  Darkness Demon

Demons of Slargor
  Steel Demon
  Footsoldier Demon
  Commander Demon

Demons of Hernas
  Lustful Demon
  Seductive Demon
  Bloated Demon

Demons of Pelepton
  Traitor Demon
  Avaricious Demon

Demons of Storshin
  Rotten Demon
  Plague Demon
  Animus Demon

Demons of Skreech
  Slaughter Demon
  Furious Demon
  Hallucinating Demon

Demons of Torthola
  Spiteful Demon
  Flaming Demon
  Vengence Demon

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