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Shu'aa NPCs of Tekhumis

These NPCs are found in or around Tekhumis, the Desert Port, and are native to the area rather than Bellenosians

Al'Shaan the Serene
10th level cleric, align Lawful, gender male
Str 10, Int 12, Wis 18, Dex 10, Con 14, Cha 15
AC 7, Move 120', HP 55, THAC0 16, Att 1 staff for 1d6 or 1 spell
Equipment: Leather Armour, Staff, Holy Symbol,
Notable Prepared Spells: (5/4/3/3/2) True Seeing, Raise Dead, Cure Serious Wounds, Neutralise Poison, Detect Lie, Cure Disease, Dispel Magic, Transfusion
Al'Shaan is considered the village elder and most respected Shu'aa in town. He is concerned about the Shu'aa culture being undermined by Bellenosian dominance, and although he does not actively seek conflict, he won't put up with nonsense from them either.
Al'Shaan is often asked to cure ailments and injuries, and will do so for fellow Shu'aa without hesitation. For non-Shu'aa (such as Toutasians or Bellenosians) he will typically charge 10gp per spell level. He will only withhold healing if those asking are being borish or unjust.
Appearance: Al'Shaan is tall (6'6"), spindly and wiry (110lb), with a long white beard that reaches his chest and a well-tanned skin of someone who has lived in the desert. He has white robes wrapped around him that cover up the hyena-leather jerkin he wears underneath, and a white turban on top.

Mullaman the Quiet
9th level dwarf warrior, align Neutral, gender male
Str 16, Int 14, Wis 12, Dex 11, Con 14, Cha 10
AC 4, Move 90', HP 49, THAC0 10 melee, 13 missile, Att 1 scimitar for 1d8+3 or 1 crossbow bolt for 1d6
Equipment: Scale Mail +2, Scimitar+1 +2 vs goblins & orcs, Light Crossbow, 20 bolts, Potion of Healing X2
Mullaman is a Shu'aa dwarf from the hills to the northwest. He is a merchant and a dwarf noble. He is happy doing business with all sorts as long as they don't try to swindle or rob him, and may ask adventurers for help. Mullaman has his epithet because of his low, soft voice that some folks find hard to make out in a busy marketplace. Mullaman makes it a point of politeness and principle never to raise his voice.
Mullaman, along with the rest of his people, are Shu'aa dwarves, native to this land. They have a similar culture to the human Shu'aa.
Appearance: Mullaman has dark grey skin, normal for Shu'aa dwarves. He has pitch black hair and long beard but no mustache. Mullaman dresses in the white robes and turban of his people, but also wears a suit of bronze scale armour over the top, especially when expecting trouble.

Khamaal Sarrif
9th level fighter, align Neutral, gender male,
Str 16, Int 12, Wis 10, Dex 14, Con 14, Cha 14
AC 1, Move 90', HP 53, THAC0 9, Att 1 sword for 1d8+4
Equipment: Scimitar +2, Scale mail +1, Shield +2, Lance, light warhorse
Khamaal is the leader of a band of nomads who wander the wastelands with their sheep, goats and camels. Khamaal can be found sometimes at Drasden's Camp. He just about tolerates Bellenosians but gets angry and resentful with them quickly, particularly if he sees them being bossy or arrogant. Khamaal is a useful person to talk to if one is interested in the Cynidean ruins around the area, as his band of nomads know which ones are completely deserted and which have monstrous denizens.
Appearance: Khamaal is 6'3" and muscular (170lb) with a handsome but scowling face with a short goatee beard. Unlike many of his town-dwelling compatriots, Khamaal prefers to dress in black robes. Given that he has dark tanned skin, black hair, dark eyes and big bushy eyebrows this makes him both imposing and scary.

Djilli Ashan
5th level thief, align Unaligned, gender female
Str 10, Int 12, Wis 14, Dex 17,  Con 11, Cha 14
AC 5, Move 120', HP 14, THAC0 18 melee, 16 missile, Att 1 dagger for 1d4 (melee or thrown)
Equipment: leather armour, 4 daggers, ring of Spider Climbing (usable 1/day for 1 turn)
Djilli is a pickpocketting and burgling thief who grew up on the streets of Tekhumis. Although her mother was Shu'aa (she never knew her father), she prefers the Bellenosian way of life, without honour, social castes or other oppressive traditions. However, she has fended off enough lecherous Bellenosian men to distrust anyone but herself. Her prized posession is a magical ring that allows her to climb sheer walls and even overhangs and ceilings once a day. She has used this to pull off otherwise impossible thefts from noble and merchant houses.
Although she will quite happily steal from the PCs, if befriended she is an unparalleled guide to the town of Tekhumis. She knows all the houses, shops, people and quite a few of the dirty secrets. 
Appearance: Djilli is 5'2", slim (100lb) and has short dark hair and olive skin. She deliberately tries to look boyish and non-descript so she can blend in with the crowd and wears brown and grey Bellenosian-style breeches, shirt and waistcoat (under which she has a leather cuirass and hidden daggers). If she tries to beautify herself, she could look very pretty with good bone structure and golden-brown eyes.

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