Thursday, 22 September 2011

Weapons of Law and Chaos

Although the creation of magic items, including magic weapons and armour, is usually associated with magic-users, clerics may, with the blessings of their patrons, create weapons to smite the enemies of their faith. They function as inert and mundane weapons when wielded by someone of the wrong alignment, but reveal their true powers in the hands of a combatant the deity considers worthy.
Creation of such a weapon must involve a highly skilled blacksmith, the best materials available and the continual prayers and oversight of a cleric of a high enough level (minimum 10th) and appropriate faith. Even then, success depends on the favour of the gods being beseeched:  these are divine gifts, not convenient tools.

Axe of Bhael's Terror - Hand Axe +2 in the hands of a chaotic character. It also causes monsters and NPCs struck by it to make a morale check or flee in fear for 1d4 rounds. PCs struck by it must save vs spells or flee for 1d4 rounds.
In the hands of a lawful or neutral character the axe has some sort of magical aura but gives no bonuses or powers.
The axe is made of solid iron, including the haft and handle. The grip is made out of strips of hellhound leather. 

Adonor's Sword of Glory - non-magical for chaotic characters, an ordinary Sword +1 for neutral characters. In the hands of a lawful character it is a sword +2, and also once per day the wielder can cast a Bless spell on all allies in a 30' radius. This lasts for 1 combat encounter/10 minutes.
The sword is usually a normal longsword although shortsword versions have been created for particularly heroic halfling defenders. There is usually ornate metalwork around the guard and base of the blade.

Rhondus' Shield of Reflection - this functions as a normal, if rather shiny, polished shield for chaotic and neutral characters. When used by a lawful character it becomes a shield +2, and furthermore gives a +4 to all saves vs gaze attacks. If the character with the shield successfully saves against a gaze attack, the gazing creature sees its own reflection and must save at -2 penalty or suffer its own gaze attack (thus medusas and basilisks will petrify themselves and the like). Vampires do not cast a reflection, and cannot charm themselves, but if their charming gaze is reflected by this shield back at them they must save vs spells or be stunned for 1d4 rounds.

Skreech's Decapitator - This is a big, double-bladed, two-handed battleaxe that might be used by executioners, berserkers and demonic lumberjacks. It is never clean or shiny, and is always stained with blood regardless of attempts to clean it. In the hands of lawful and neutral characters it only shows a faint aura of magic. In the hands of a chaotic character, particularly a chaotic human fighter or dwarven warrior, it becomes a battleaxe +3 that will cause triple damage on a natural 20 ((1d8+3) x 3 damage)- this is a blow to the target's head or neck. If a character wielding this axe kills a creature, they must make a save vs spells or go into a berserk rage and start killing indiscriminately. If the wielder kills a creature with a natural 20 (decapitating it) there is no saving throw - the berserk rage is unavoidable. Unlike berserker NPCs who can use the berserk rage to fight more effectively, this state does not give any bonuses to the wielder. It lasts until the wielder or all creatures within charging distance are dead.

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