Thursday, 1 September 2011

Adventure Seeds around Teiglin 2

Rescue from the Queen Havok's Revenge: Pirates from the Kaynor Islands have raided the south coast of Thaldion, attacking both Waydown and Greenport, taking valuable items, money and enslaving village folk. The Queen Havok's Revenge (the pirates' ship) has anchored offshore close to Elfmeet both to launch an attack and to repair damage sustained from submerged rocks.
The PCs are asked to take a smaller vessel, find the Queen Havok's Revenge, resuce as many prisoners as they can and scuttle the pirate ship. The Queen Havok's Revenge, as well as being big and full of vicious pirates, is also home to a cult of Havok who intend to sacrifice at least a few villagers.

Invasion!: The PCs are in the town of Bauglir when an army of Chaos suddenly attacks the town. Before the PCs know what's going on there are breaches in the pallisades with gnolls and hobgoblins pouring through. What the PCs do next is up to them:
Get to Thaldion to raise the alarm and bring help with the Royal Army?
Stay and join the human defenders to repel the chaotic humanoids?
Take the fight to the enemy and try to find and kill the chaotic leader?
Save themselves and leave the town to its fate?
The attack is unlikely to succeed as there are certain powerful heroes in Bauglir who can turn the tide, but joining in the defence will speed things up and prevent more damage and killing.
The leader is a powerful and cunning hobgoblin who managed to bring the army north of Firebright Keep and Castellan Keep without being detected. If he survives the battle he will bring his remaining forces back to the ruined monastary next to Semendia (B5 the Horror on the Hill).

Around The Southern Cape: A merchant in Greenport wants to launch an expedition to sail around the south of Teiglin, stopping off at Haven, Delvia's Harbour, White Stag Keep and Quasqueton. He does not intend to stay in any dangerous places, but simply see if they are open to trade. He asks the PCs to come along, primarily as bodyguards as he is not sure what sort of reception he will get. This could be an opportunity to drop in on classic adventure locations (B3 Palace of the Silver Princess, B1 In Search of the Unknown) but the merchant is unlikely to stay around one area too long unless he thinks there is money to be made there.

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