Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Twisted Hills

The Twisted Hills were previously known as the Grulven Hills until the Summoning. It is unusual, and perhaps fortunate, that the one area in the Walrus Freehold severely affected by the battle between Bhael and Adonor during the Summoning is wilderness. The two deities fought furiously, ripping the already prominent hills into warped and contorted shapes. This titanic upheaval lasted only about half an hour before the two gods disappeared to another corner of Kaelaross to carry on their fight, but it left the hills sculpted like a stormy seascape formed from rock and earth. Arches, massive overhangs, mushroom shapes, globes, even some cubes and other geometric shapes can be found. Creatures that can climb steep surfaces or fly will fare better than those that rely on walking and running.

It is believed that during this battle, Bhael created a Chaos Portal, but no mortal has yet pin-pointed its location. The increase in chaotic monsters roaming the hills is unmistakable, especially to those who have seen cities like Erkhart and Maquosmouth overrun by creatures from Chaos Portals. 

One of the strangest species to appear in the Twisted Hills are Nagpas - vulture-headed magic-using creatures that may have been former mages. They have established several outposts in the Twisted Hills, and on one occasion a halfling scout managed to sneak into one of these outposts. The scout heard the nagpas talking about receiving orders from the Hidden Fortress where there are many more nagpas and some sort of arch-mage nagpa ruler but she did not discover where this fortress might be.

Random Encounters in the Twisted Hills
Roll 1d12+1d8

2    Stone Giant
3    Gargoyle
4    Human/Demihuman NPC
5    Wyvern
6    Sabretooth Tiger
7    Manticore
8    Hill Giant
9    Mountain Lion
10  Gnoll
11  Wild Ibex (2 HD herd animal) (1-2 in 6 chance of Great Ram)
12  Baboon, Higher
13  Gnome
14  Hawk, Giant
15  Giant Bat
16  Griffon
17  Chimera
18  Nagpa
19  Blue Dragon
20  Red Dragon

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