Friday, 17 June 2011

The Godsblood Hills

Similar to the Island of Lost Souls, the Godsblood Hills have been thrust up out of the sea as the land of Urdus sank, forming the Godsblood Straits. However, these hills are attached to the mainland, so colonization by plants, animals and monsters has been quicker and more varied.

The terrain is rough, with evidence of the sea still found in places (patches of old dried sea weed, sand, mollusc shells and fish bones as well as briny pools collecting in hollows) but in areas where the salt has washed away, wiry shrubs and tough grasses have grabbed hold and  brought patches of green to an otherwise barren landscape. The hills are not very fertile, but there is enough to support some animals.

Most notable of the inhabitants are a tribe of fierce ogres that emerged through a Chaos Portal from Hestoris, the first Plane of Chaos. They have established a palisaded compound around the skeleton and cavernous shell of a dragon turtle that found itself fatally stranded when the sea floor beneath it was pushed up.

There are also several prides of griffons (native to Kaelaross) that have settled in the hills. They feed on the stags, goats and wild boar that have moved into the hills. There is a breed of giant goat that is found in the Godsblood Hills and though the ogres are prone to hunt them for their meat and hides, some humans reckon the giant goats could be trained and ridden as sturdier steeds than horses in rocky terrain.

Just to the south-east of the hills is the once-coastal ruined city of Aerisport which has been infested with chaotic monsters since Bhael briefly appeared over the city, created a chaos portal in the city's heart and then disappeared. Many of these chaotic monsters have wandered out of Aerisport and into the Godsblood Hills.

These include a pack of gargoyles that have made their lair in the southern hills not far from the coast. They have taken over an old abandoned chapel of Sturnornel that was on the old coast and lurk there waiting to ambush unwary travelers. They have gathered quite a trove of gold and silver from both the chapel's former inhabitants and also brought from the ruins of Aerisport.

Encounters in the Godsblood Hills (roll d8+d12):
2. Harpy (2d4)
3. Hellhound (1d6)
4. Wolf, Dire (2d6)
5. Wolf, Normal (3d6)
6. Gargoyle (1d4)
7. Griffon (1d4)
8. Ogre Leader + followers (1 leader, 2d6 ogres, 1d4 juveniles)
9. Ogre (1d4)
10. Normal Goat (4d8, treat as 1HD herd animal)
11. Wild Boar (2d4) (1-2 in 6 chance of Giant Boar)
12. Great Ram (2d6, treat as 3HD herd animal)
13. Stag & Deer (1d4 stags, as 3HD herd animal & 3d4 deer (2HD)) or Giant Stag
14. Snake, Spitting Cobra (1d4)
15. Snake, Giant Rattler (1d4)
16. Lizard, Giant Tuatara (1d2)
17. Hawk, Giant (1d4)
18. NPC (DM's choice)
19. Wyvern (1d2)
20. Red Dragon (1)

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