Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ogres of Kaelaross

Name          Juvenile Ogre Adult Ogre  Ogre Leader     Ogre Chief
No. Enc.      1d8 + adults  2d6 or more 1 per 10 adults 1 per 3 leaders
Alignment     Chaotic       Chaotic     Chaotic         Chaotic
Movement      90'           90'         90'             90'
Armor Class   6             5           4               3
Hit Dice (hp) 2+1 (10 hp)   4+1 (19 hp) 6+2 (29 hp)     8+3 (39 hp)
Attacks       1 Club        1 Club      1 Axe           1 Giant Axe
THAC0         17            15          13              12
Damage        1d8           1d10        1d10+2          2d10+3
Save As       F2            F4          F6              F8
Hoard Class*  II            IV          XX+1000gp       XXII
Size          Medium        Large       Large           Huge
Type          Humanoid      Humanoid    Humanoid        Humanoid
Intelligence  7 (low)       8 (low)     9 (average)     10 (average)
XP Value      35            140         380             1220

*hoard class uses the Labyrinth Lord treasure tables

Ogres are large, ugly brutal humanoids tainted by Chaos. They will often be found in armies of Chaos or in the retinues of powerful chaotic leaders.

Juveniles stand about as tall as humans but stockier and a lot uglier. They dress in hides (treat as leather armour) and wield clubs in 2 hands. They are nearly always encountered with adults. Ogre juveniles take about 5-8 years to mature to adulthood.

Adult ogres are the same as described in either the Basic rulebook or Labyrinth Lord rules. They are considered the standard, default ogre. They wield blunt, crude clubs in two hands for 1d10 damage. If given effective two-handed weapons (such as oversized sword or axe) the ogre can do 1d10+2 damage.

Ogre Leaders stand  10-11' tall and wear patchwork armour with bits of chain mail and metal plates often stuck onto a leather or hide backing. They wield metal-headed axes too big for PCs to use. Any ogre within sight of a live ogre leader will share the leader's morale of 11.

Ogre Chiefs are huge, 12-13' tall as big as hill giants and wear effective armour, sometimes several layers of chain mail or custom bronze plates. Their axes are sharper and superior to those of leaders. Once per encounter an ogre cheif can roar. All non-ogres within 20' must save vs paralyzation or be stunned for 1d6 rounds. Any ogres within sight of a live ogre chief will share the leader's morale of 12.

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