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Adventuring bands of Teiglin

Adventurers have a mixed reputation in Teiglin. On the one hand they can be mighty heroes, defeating foul evil creatures that armies of normal soldiers could not stand against. On the other hand, they can be cynical, casually violent, headstrong, arrogant and sometimes outright criminal in their behavior. If the captain of the town guard asks a warrior to deal with an ogre or hellhound that the guard are terrified of, and he defeats that monster, do you really think he's going to be respectful of the captain when warned about not starting tavern brawls or told he should be paying taxes?

Adventurers tend to be motivated by three things - money, fame and magic items - and will gravitate to where these things are found. The most profitable place for adventurers, and happily the area where civilised folk need them the most, is the borderlands in between the current Kingdom of Teiglin and the ruined city of Erkhart. Here the army of Teiglin needs all the help it can get fending off the hordes of Chaos, while the ruins provide plenty of gold for looting and the occasional magic item. Mighty reputations can be forged in the fires of battle against the foes of humanity, and those who fight long and hard and survive to tell their tales (only slightly exaggerated!) may be offered a piece of land as way of thanks. This land is usually on the borderland, and the newly appointed lord has his work cut out for him.

Duty, honour and justice should not be forgotten. Some adventurers, particularly those of lawful alignment, fight the good fight because it is the right thing to do. For them, fame and fortune and cool magic items are merely additional benefits. Such noble heroes are very popular, and are more likely to build friendships and alliances with local rulers and people.

Glensor, Bauglir and Luthien are the three principle baronies where adventurers assemble, ready for expeditions into the borderlands. Castellan Keep, also known as the Keep on the Borderlands, is a classic starting place for adventurers, though Firebright Keep and the villages of Parnsus in Bauglir and Iridell in Glensor often have one or two bands of adventurers resting or preparing between forays.

There are no specific laws or regulations for the formation or maintainance of bands of adventurers but the local law will keep a close eye on them until they have earned some trust.

Notable bands include:

Erbick's Treasurefinders - an adventuring party that has roamed all over Teiglin looking for ruins to plunder. They do not intentionally get into trouble with the law, but neither are they heroic protectors of the innocent. They are currently planning an expedition into Erkhart, not to close the dreaded Chaos Portal but to loot the bank in the ruined city.
Yagreth Venius - 4th level magic user, align neutral, gender male
Thurgon the Resilient - 4th level dwarf warrior, align unaligned, gender male
Selminia - 5th level thief, align unaligned, gender female
Allysso Brighteye - 4th level elven spellsword, align neutral, gender female
Gurrumbor - 4th level fighter, align unaligned, gender male

Hawithin's Sylvan Scouts -These adventurers formed up in Glensor town and have since been involved in exploration and incidents around Glensor and the Shorgan Forest.
Ecthellion - 5th level elven spellsword, align lawful, gender male,
Shoonia Silverbow - 5th level elven ranger, align neutral, gender female
Darria Delliss - 6th level halfling scout, align lawful, gender female
Worvorp Tellamin - 5th level elven ranger, align unaligned, gender male
Lellishi - 5th level halfling defender, align lawful, gender female
Humbert Enkledink - 4th level halfling scout, align neutral, gender male

The Parnsus Avengers - These adventurers see themselves as heroes, but don't always act the part. They are based in the village of Parnsus in northern Bauglir and have ventured deep into Chaos territory, including Semendia and Brasstooth.
Jehosophat the Zealous - 3rd level cleric, align lawful, gender male
Sir Fallorius of the Blue Shield - 3rd level fighter, align lawful, gender male
Densaria - 3rd level magic user, align neutral, gender female
Perregrin the Deft - 3rd level halfling scout, align unaligned, gender male
Wellsian - 3rd level cleric, align lawful, gender female

The Reavers of the Borderlands - The Reavers claim to be adventurers, but they act more like bandits. They will attack anything they reckon they can get away with - humanoids, chaos cultists, villagers, rival adventuring groups and the like. They are considering moving on to other regions like the Godsblood Straits.
Gennedar the Avaricious - 5th level magic user, align Chaotic, gender male
Delsis Verran - 6th level fighter, align Unaligned, gender female
Broggon - 5th level dwarven warrior, align Chaotic, gender male
Thespist - 6th level thief, align Unaligned, gender male
Orrogal of Havok - 6th level cleric, align Chaotic, gender male

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