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The Traitor Legion

During the Wars between the Empires a regiment of the Toutus Imperial Army, the Astasian 3rd Infantry Regiment was subverted by a cult of Chaos that followed Slargor, Lord of Slaughter and Bloodshed. It is said that all the battle and slaughter that the soldiers and officers witnessed pushed them to the edge of sanity. During the wars they obeyed orders and fought ferociously but gained a reputation for not showing any mercy or taking any prisoners - they killed all who were not on their side and committed war crimes in attempted invasions and raids against other empires. 
When the Summoning occurred, the regiment turned renegade and attacked towns and cities of Toutus that they were supposed to be protecting.
The regiment, changed its name to the Traitor Legion once deception was no longer a priority. Many now openly display their new allegiance, wearing the eight-pointed star of chaos on their armour and flags. They are scattered across western Toutus in various strongholds and lairs. Their exact numbers are not known, but a standard Imperial Regiment was 1500, split up into 5 battalions of 300 men each. The legion has recruited many chaotic humans to its cause.
The chaplains of the regiment are all chaotic clerics of Slargor. In some ways the Traitor Legion operates as a Cult of Chaos, but one that does not try to hide itself.  The Traitor Legion prefers to confront, attack and slay rather than hide away. The chaplains are skilled at subversion - after all, they managed to subvert the entire regiment 50 years ago - and it is they who are the main recruiters.
There is a strange and vicious code of honour among the Traitor Legion -
  • No Surrender - Cowardice is the ultimate dishonour
  • No Prisoners - Compassion is tantamount to Cowardice
  • Do Not Allow Enemies to Flee if You Can Catch Them
  • Obey Orders from your officers
  • Terrifying your enemies is preferable to deceiving them
  • Loyalty to the Legion and Loyalty to Chaos are one and the same
  • Internal Disputes and Insults should first be resolved in non lethal combat then in a duel to the death if the dispute persists.
Most Legionnaires are 3rd level fighters with chain mail, shield and longsword.
Sergeants are 5th level fighters with plate mail, shield and longsword
Chaplains are 6th - 10th level clerics
Lieutenants are usually 6th level fighters
Captains are usually 7th level fighters.
The mysterious General who commands the Traitor Legion is thought to be deep in the heart of Toutus, close to the capital. 

Chaos mutations are known, particularly among officers and champions as "rewards" for serving Chaos.
Magic weapons and armour are favoured by officers and chaplains when they can be found.
Humanoids and monsters of Chaos are used as auxiliaries, but not accepted as full members.
It has been suggested that with its military structure and bloody code of honour, the Traitor Legion is in some ways a chaotic order of knights. Other orders of knights vehemently deny this and refuse to accept the comparison.

Contingents are known to exist in Aerisport, the Island of Lost Souls and an island with a small fort in the Salty Forest.

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